It’s only 9pm, but I am heading to bed shortly. I’m aiming to get up at 6am tomorrow, so my body can adjust to reality that summer is over and 6am wake ups are going to be a regular occurrence.

I’m trying to see the bright side of teaching at 8am and be more productive in the 9-5 hours and hopefully be able to relax and go to sleep early on a regular basis. I figured out this summer that nine hours of sleep makes me happy, but I don’t know if it’s do-able. I don’t have any afternoon or evening classes this quarter, so maybe my goal is possible.

School is almost back in session. Classes and teaching starts back up on Wednesday! But today, we had our first official meeting today regarding our teaching assignments and plans for the upcoming year. There is a lot to do in the next nine months! More importantly, we are definitely going to the ASTR conference, which stands for American Society for Theatre Research. It’ll be a great thing to put on my CV, hopefully a great networking opportunity, and we are presenting some research (which we have yet to do…).

In other good news, the university is officially behind the grad party that one of my classmates is organizing. It’ll be happening at Brix Wine Bar (pictured below). The idea is to get grad students out of their research caves and let the different departments socialize. We did one last year and it was mostly a success, but this year we have the university behind us and we are doing it early on in the school year. Maybe I’ll meet some new people after all?


After the meeting on campus, the fabulous theatre grad students walked downtown to grab some cheap appetizers at The Tav. Their cheese and tomato quesadilla was delicious and only $3!


Things to do for tomorrow:

  • buy play-doh (I’m using it in the class I’m teaching)
  • do laundry. I still haven’t done laundry since getting back from London. Yikes.
  • clean my apartment. I need to start the quarter off on the right foot.
  • put the finishing touches on my syllabus. I found out I’ll have 29 students in my class. I’m trying to scale things down, so I don’t die from all the grading.

I also have an advising meeting, Bite of the Burg, and help out at a meeting for new grad students. Busy, busy.


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