Add this to the list of things I never thought I’d say:

I would like a few more months of summer.


Sometimes I wish I could buy some flies and let them loose in my apartment. They provide so much entertainment for Charlie.

A hunter at work.

SAM_3051 SAM_3052 SAM_3055


My advising meeting went well. This next year is going to be crazy busy — thesis writing, teaching, classes, and PhD applications!


Ugh. I made a mess of my bank account today. It wasn’t really my fault and in theory things should be fine, but I need to call tomorrow and double check.



I went to the Bite of the Burg for a bit this afternoon. All the local businesses get together and welcome back the students with free samples and information about their businesses.


The highlight was definitely roasting marshmallows over by Mountain High Sports, although I smelled like campfire for the rest of the day.

SAM_3079 SAM_3080 SAM_3082 SAM_3085 SAM_3089



Classes start tomorrow! I’m nervous.

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