Welcome back! Or rather, I’m back. Sorry for the radio silence between February and May!

Clearly, I’ve been neglectful when it comes to blogging. I’ve thought about blogging off and on over the past few months, but it never seemed appealing. Perhaps it was the fact that it involved writing and that’s pretty much that ONLY thing I’ve been doing since February. Or perhaps it was because blogging would mean reflecting on the the craziness that has been my life recently. Either way, I’m putting my excuses aside and getting back into the swing of blogging because the next few months are going to be wild, crazy, and full of life changes and I want to make sure I blog about everything!

Before I dive into my future plans, let’s recap everything that has happened between February 4th and May 22nd.

I’ve been steadily working on my thesis for two years, although the majority of the work occurred in the past few months. Starting last winter quarter, in January, I began writing the rough draft. It’s interesting that even going into the rough draft phase, I still wasn’t 100% sure what my structure was or my specific angle. Then in March, once I had a mostly complete rough draft, looking back at my original chapters, I realized they needed to be drastically rewritten to match the later chapters which did reflect my methodology and goals.


Anyway, in addition to the stress of actually writing my thesis, the process has been fairly turbulent for other reasons. Basically my peers and I have been figuring everything out on our own . But that’s neither here nor there. We’re almost done.


Two weeks ago I submitted my final rough draft to my thesis committee and then last Tuesday I defended my thesis. I guess not surprisingly, I passed! With a thesis, the defense is more of a formality then an actual defense of my research. Essentially, we spent an hour discussing my study, methods, goals, areas of further research, and then the ideas came to the committee members as they read the thesis. Afterward, the committee discussed my project and decided whether or not to pass me. My thesis chair informed me that I passed, but I need to make one more round of revisions (for typos and repetition) before submitting it to Grad Studies. I spent all day Friday making the revisions and e-mailed it to my chair. Hopefully on Monday I’ll get any comments back, fix things, and submit it to Grad Studies for real on Monday. Even after I submit it to Grad Studies, I probably have one more round of revisions to make before the thesis is printed and bound, but I’m almost done, and either way I’ve satisfied the thesis requirement for my degree.

Whew! Aside from working on my thesis, in the past few months I’ve applied to PhD programs, anxiously awaited responses, made a decision, and started to plot my escape from E’burg.


After a couple acceptances, one rejection, and one school deciding mid-stream that they weren’t able to bring in new PhD students, I made my decision. I’ll be moving back to Tallahassee and starting a PhD at Florida State in August.

I’m really happy about my decision and I’m actually excited to move back to Tallahassee. I know when I originally left and I said I would never go back, but after two years in E’burg, in comparison Tallahassee looks about as exciting as NYC. I’m also considering it a fresh start. I’m not moving back with any friends still in Tallahassee and things have changed in the past four years, so it won’t be a continuation of my undergrad years, but a new beginning.


More than anything, the program at FSU matches what I’m looking for in a program — a well-rounded curriculum, dramaturgical opportunities, teaching experience, a professional theatre setting, and lots of other graduate students. 🙂

On June 17th, my dad is flying out to Washington and helping me back up a UHaul Box with all of my belongings and then on June 21st, we will be trekking back across the country. Déjà vu?

Picture 2



Surprisingly, I’m not dreading the drive back across the country. I imagine dad, Charlie, and I will be listening to lots of This American Life episodes, taking lots of pictures, blogging, etc. We haven’t quite figured out the return route, but I’m voting for a change of scenery. The sections through Montana and the Dakota’s were very desolate and boring. I’d like to see Colorado this time.

The other big news in my life has to deal with my living arrangements in Tallahassee. After looking at the prices for renting a one bedroom or two bedroom place that was close enough to campus, but not too close, and in a safe area, I started to consider the idea of buying a townhouse. On a whim, I proposed the idea to my dad and long story short, it looks like I’m going to be a home owner on June 15th.

I spent a lot of time house shopping online and then at the beginning of April my parents made a visit to Tallahassee. They checked out a lot of houses in the townhouse community that I liked best. I actually lived in there twice before, in two different houses. Anyway, as my parents checked out the different listings within our price range, my dad showed me the places via Skype on the iPhone. I love technology. We weighed the pros and cons of the different places and put an offer on a two bedroom, two and a half bathroom house.


The offer was accepted and we’ve been in the process of working through all the other steps towards homeownership. The house passed inspection, but the roof needs to be replaced. We worked out a deal for that. We are still waiting on a termite inspection and a house appraisal, but hopefully everything will work out in my favor. Right now the place needs a lot of superficial improvements. There were also two college-aged guys living in the place and so it looks like boy at the moment. The plan is to paint the whole interior of the house, including all the horrible wood trim and wood doors. Also, the carpet upstairs needs to be replaced and there is carpeting downstairs that I’m hoping to change out for laminate wood flooring.

Aside from the ample closet space (two closets in each bedroom and a closet under the stairs) and private bathrooms in each bedroom, my favorite part of the house is the huge deck!


The deck wraps around the whole side of the house. It’s also partially shaded, which will be wonderful for Florida weather. I love doing my reading and other homework outside, so I hope to make lots of use of this deck. Also, the back part of the deck backs up to another neighbor’s fence, so it’s somewhat private. I love it. The deck needs a bit of work, but that probably won’t be happening anytime soon. In the meantime, imagine some outdoor christmas lights strung up, outdoor chairs, and flower boxes with flowers and an edible garden.

As a result of my impending homeownership meet my two latest obsessions: Young House Love and Pinterest.

Picture 1

Young House Love is a home improvement and decorating blog, while Pinterest is essentially a virtual bulletin board. I’m using Pinterest to “pin” images of wall colors I like, room arrangements, furniture, DIY projects, and more. It’s amazing. I’m totally obsessed. I’ve also realized that I’ve turned into my parents. I’m voluntarily thinking about flooring options, painting projects, gardening, and more. When did I become an adult?!

Between my graduation, my move across the country, setting up a new home, and starting the PhD program, I want to make sure I document it all, so this blog is officially back in action.

Before I wrap up this long over-due post, here is a funny text I received from my sister yesterday morning:

photo   naked house

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the house without the azalea bushes in front. We’ve lived there for basically my whole life. But the thought of my dad shaving his mustache is really disturbing. He’s never allowed to shave it. Ever. It’d be like looking at a completely different dad.

Well, check back soon. I’m going to do a better job of maintaining this little blog of mine.

And to try something new… let’s end the post with a question:

I must come up with a color scheme for my entire house and I’m trying to find some warm, happy, bright colors.

So what is your favorite or preferred wall color?

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