My life, memories, clothes, books, even cat are packed into my little ford focus and starting tomorrow morning, the biggest part of this adventure begins. It hasn’t hit me yet. The fact that I’ll never live in this house again… never be a Florida resident, that all my friends and family will be here and I’ll be in Washington. So weird! It hasn’t hit me. I wonder when it will all click. Hrm.

I wanted to do one last blog update from my childhood bedroom in Florida before I officially hit the road. Pictures and more information will come soon.

One quick teaser:

I seriously have the most amazing friends ever. EVER. Do you understand? Best friends EVER!!!

C came up with the idea to create a trunk full of Florida mementos, mix cds to be opened and listened to as I cross each state line, food, postcards, letters, etc. She created a secret facebook group and had my friends mail her the cds and letters, so I have contributions from a variety of people. It’s amazing. I’m so incredibly overwhelmed. I’ll post pictures and details as soon as I can.

Goodnight, sweet dreams. Next time I update I will either be on the road or at the first stop of Road Trip Adventure 2009!

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