Rise and shine!

As planned, I woke up early and make a quick trip to Yakima before this afternoon’s banquet. Even though Yakima itself is sorta eh, the trip was much needed. It was great to get out of E’burg.

First stop: Coffee!


I even resisted getting a treat. They had two of my all-time favs: chocolate chip banana bread and pumpkin scones.


Once I got to Yakima, I immediately went to Wal-Mart for an oil change. It had been over a year since my last change, but since I barely drive here, I was only a little over the recommended mileage.

Now, I should be all set for my big trip.


Next stop: Target. I needed to find a dress for the banquet.

I love technology. I tried on clothes in the dressing room and sent texts to my sister, who voted for and against my various options.

I really liked this purple dress, but she said it wasn’t flattering and it made me look too young. Boo. It seems like the perfect beach dress or just a flow-y summer dress, but who knows.

photo (4)

Next I tried on this dress + cardigan combo. She approved of this choice and I ultimately went with it and wore it this evening.

photo (5)

But before making the decisions, I also tried on the same dress as above, but in coral. I really like the dress because it’s perfect to dress up or dress down. The sister vetoed the coral dress, even with the black cardigan, but despite her advice I went ahead and bought it. I think it looks nice.

photo (6) photo (7)

With the dress issue solved my business in Yakima was finished, but before I hit the road I decided to treat myself to a Sonic Root Beer float! I feel like root beer floats and summer go hand-in-hand.


On the drive home, I saw a whole convoy of military vehicles. Kinda scary. Kinda neat. They waved to me as I drove past them.


After my mini-adventure, I tried to get some work done on my last final, but I only got a bit accomplished. I guess Monday and Tuesday will be devoted to working on it. If I can finish everything by Tuesday night, then I can spend Wednesday and Thursday proofing.


Anyway, tonight was the end of the year banquet for the department.

They give out awards for excellent throughout the year and do a ceremony called “senior nailing.” I’m not quite sure where the tradition came from, but the faculty members each recall memories and give personal send-offs to the graduating seniors as they place as nail on a string around their neck.


It’s a neat tradition, but since our program is new within the department, they haven’t quite figured out how to incorporate the graduate students into this event.

What ended up happening was that for each of the graduating MA student, our thesis chair briefly discussed our thesis and our contributions to the department and presented us with a very nice watch.


Isn’t it fancy?


The grad students actually ended up slipping out of the banquet before the actual nailing and heading over to the Tav, since it’s just a soggy tear-fest, filled with inside jokes that we don’t really understand.

We had fun hanging out at the Tav and being silly.




I was trying to get a picture of my side of the table and every time we were about to take the picture someone around us kept crunching on a chip. So this is T explaining that she couldn’t keep a straight face with the crunching sound happening in the background.




Silly faces.


I wanted to take this piece of [fake] grass home with me and put it in my new place in Tally… as a reminder of WA. Why? I don’t know. It seemed like a good plan at the time. Sadly, I didn’t take the grass and I only have this picture as a memory. Ha.


We ended up being at the Tav for several hours and after a while all the theatre majors and faculty started to show up. By the time we left, I think the place was filled with entirely theatre people. It sort of reminded me of high school when we used to gather at Chili’s for cast parties.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with this picture of theatre majors being theatre majors.


Question: Did your school have any unique traditions for graduating seniors?

2 Comments on Getting Nailed . . . Or Not?

  1. I agree about the purple dress but I LOVE the coral dress! BUT NOT with the long black cardigan. Long cardigans and dresses are for old women. Maybe a shrug.

  2. I guess I’ll have to accept that the purple dress was not meant to be, but I’m glad you approve of the coral one. The cardigan was just to make dress it up a bit, but since I didn’t get it, no worries. I have a cream mini-sweater (I’m so fashion deprived, I don’t know what it’s called) that would probably look nice.

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