We completed day 1 of driving today. Right now I’m blogging from my favorite place on earth, our house in Otto, North Carolina. Since the house remodel, it changed into this very cozy and comfy place to live. I loved the place before, but it’s luxurious now!


I said my goodbyes to mom and H this morning and that was really hard. I’m not one to cry, but I definitely was doing everything in my power to keep my composure. I’m sure if I cried, they would have cried and I wouldn’t have been able to handle that. It STILL hasn’t sunk in, but I do keep telling myself that I’ll be home for christmas in just a couple months. No biggie.


Also, totally randomly… I realized how thankful I am that since I was home, I could be around for part of H’s high school career, even if I am missing her senior year. AND, that she and I were able to do Team in Training together. It still remains to be one of the best experiences of my life and I got to share it with my favorite [only] sister.

Nothing exciting or noteworthy happened on the drive up here. Dad’s done it so much recently that it’s boring. I usually sleep or read the whole way up, although I did drive almost half the time today. I’m glad I could give dad a break and drive on roads that are new to me. I even drove the car all the way up to the house, which freaked me out. The roads are tiny and one car took a turn too fast and came into my lane. Scary. We also found out that Charlie travels fabulously! He explored the car a little and looked out the windows at first, but then decided to curl up into dad’s lap and ultimately spent most of the trip on a pillow between the driver and passenger seats. He didn’t whine or get car sick, just curled up and looked adorable.


The car packed and loaded. I’m wearing my sweet highlighter treasure island shirt, a gift from my darling sister.


Charlie and I cruising along the highway. 🙂




I used to anxiously await seeing this sign as we drove to North Carolina, it meant that we were ALMOST there!

I have a couple pictures of the road trip box of super awesomeness, so here you go:



I’m looking forward to listening to the Tennessee CD. Both Florida ones and the Georgia one worked perfectly. I have amazing friends.

Tomorrow the [more] exciting part of the trip begins, since it’s uncharted territory AND I get to visit A. Yay!

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