Did you miss the big news? I graduated yesterday!


I’ve spent the past two years living in Ellensburg, Washington working on my masters degree and yesterday I was rewarded for all my hard work by officially being granted the title Masters. Technically, I could even add the letters after my name.

Hello, my name is Kate, M.A.

Nah, don’t worry, I won’t being doing that.

Friday, after getting two hours sleep because I was up all night writing a stupid paper and then going to an 8am exam for the same class, I had a long list of errands to deal with.

First up, cleaning my stuff out of my office. I had to drop off student papers and grab my own books. Goodbye office!


Once the office was cleaned out, I turned my keys back into the lock shop. I no longer have access to any of the classrooms or buildings. I guess that makes this impending change just a bit more real.


I also went and cancelled my utilities and found out the process for canceling my internet.

I’m nine days I’ll be on the road and E’burg will be a part of my past.


Grades are done, keys are turned in, and the only thing standing in my way of freedom is this stupid letter.

I got my thesis back and I have a few formatting changes to make. I’m not surprised, but I don’t want to deal with it anymore. I wanted to get this done on Friday so graduation would mean complete freedom, but since I was so sleep deprived I decided to wait till a few days so that I wouldn’t miss anything.

So this will be Monday’s project. I’m planning to make my last trip to Starbucks and finish this beast. Then return home to tackle packing.


Saturday morning I woke up bright and early for graduation! S and I both decided not to walk since neither of us family to watch us and it costs money! I’m happing about my decision. I think I had more fun sitting in the stands sipping iced coffee and hanging out with C, T, and S.


Even though we didn’t walk, our names were in the program. Hooray!


Then we got bored.




This was T’s ideas for what we should do in place of moving our tassels… reversing our sunglasses. Hah.


After the ceremony we all went home for a bit, before heading over to J’s for a graduation party.



J was nice enough to let S and I take pictures wearing her robe and hood. J even hooded me. It was just as a good as participating in the real ceremony.

SAM_4473 SAM_4475
SAM_4478 SAM_4483

Then J hooded S.

SAM_4486 SAM_4487
SAM_4488  SAM_4493


This whole week has felt really surreal. It’s like birthdays. Technically you’re suddenly a different age over-night, but you never feel any different. So all the stress and anxiety should, in theory, be gone now that I am graduated, but I’m still feeling stressed. I don’t feel graduated either and I can’t quite process that I’m going to be moving back to Florida in nine days.

I think part of it is that I’ve been and continue to be in “go-go-go” mode. I don’t really have a long luxurious summer ahead of me, because I’m going to need to fix up my house and get everything taken care of for school. I also received my orientation schedule and I’ll be in all-day orientation for a week before classes start.

I felt this same way before I moved to Washington. I was working part-time at the bank, working part-time at the theatre and trying to prepare myself for my move. Even then I was go-go-go and I never really stopped to process all the changes happening. To be honest, being in Washington never stopped feeling surreal. I feel like a fraud with the Washington plates on my car and my Washington drivers license.

I’m hoping that once I switch everything back to Florida, am close to my family and friends again, and start classes at FSU, that everything will feel real once and for all.


* * *

Today’s Snapshots of Summer picture:


6.12 Despite it being a lazy-Sunday, I’m still trying to take advantage of the gym before I no longer have access to one [at least until classes resume]. Oh and guess what, there was even a guy doing the same bicep curls that I was doing and he using the same 12.5 weight too. I’m happy that I’m able to lift more weight than even a few weeks ago.

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  1. I missed this one too! Jeeeez. SUPER EXCITING. I love that dress and color. Super cute.

    Can’t wait to see you sooooon! Good luck getting everything ready to mooove. I know that process blows.

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