“Closing time – time for you to go back to the places you will be from.
Closing time – this room won’t be open ’til your brothers or you sisters come.
So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits – I hope you have found a friend.
Closing time – every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Semisonic

I know. Totally cliche. Yet, also totally fitting. In the matter of two weeks I will have graduated, closed on a house, moved across the country, and moved into the new house in a new state.

Anyway, today is the day. It’s closing day! I officially become a homeowner today.

It feels a bit surreal (apparently adding to the theme of the week) because I actually haven’t set a single foot in the house yet and I barely signed any of the paperwork.


I gave my dad POA to sign the closing papers for me, so yesterday afternoon he signed each of the papers in the stack three times — once with my name, once as the POA for me, and once for himself. He said the stack was nearly a quarter inch tall. While I’m sure the whole paper signing process was tedious, I wish I had been part of it. Either way, I’m just thankful that I have a place to move to, a place I’m happy to be and that is all mine.

Welcome to my new home!

P1010691 copy

I’ll be adding some shrubs or flowers under those windows. Give the house some curb appeal.

Right now, the plan is to arrive in Florida around the 25-26th. Dad and I will stop by Tallahassee on our way to St. Pete, but mainly just so I can finally see the house. Then sometime between the 26th and the 20th of July, I need to do the major projects so I can get my stuff out of U-Haul before the 20th.

Anyway, here’s the tour.


My huge wrap around deck. Perfect for outside reading, dinners on the porch, and entertaining friends. šŸ™‚


See all that awful wood framing and wood doors? That has to go. The carpet? That needs to go too. I’m planning on putting down wood laminate flooring for the whole downstairs.


Maybe down the line I’ll be able to renovate the kitchen, but for the time being it’ll suit me just fine.


Gah, more gross flooring.


Each of the upstairs bedrooms have two closets and a private bathroom. I want to paint all of that wood to white.


I’m thinking of taking the back room my bedroom and making the front room my office. Now I just need to figure out the paint colors!


The other bedroom.


So, paint colors? Brown? Grey? Coral? Apple green? Teal? Ahh, so many decisions. I’m torn between wanting bold, vibrant colors and wanting versatile adult colors.

I’m looking forward to all the joys and “joys” of homeownership. I’m also overcome with a desire for a garden.

So, welcome to adulthood?

Welcome to adulthood!

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  1. KP! we depart from tallahassee on the 27th… major packing over the weekend. is there a slight chance you might be here then?? even if for just a quick hug, that’d be lovely!

    • It looks like we will most likely be stopping in Tally on the 25th and I would LOVE to see you. I was really hoping that you were still going to be around, so I’m glad our time in Tally is overlapping. On the 25th, we will be leaving from Nashville and getting to Tally in the late afternoon. We’ll do a walk through of the house, take some pictures, maybe choose paint colors if we end up hiring a painter, probably grab dinner and then head on down to St. Pete. So perhaps we can grab dinner together or if not, just see each other for a quick hug and a picture! Either way, I’ll keep you posted on our plans.

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