I think and worry about silly things. For instance, I love my flip flops. They’re basically the only kind of shoe I wear unless I’m at the theatre (converse) or the bank (heels). In Florida it’s totally acceptable to wear flip flops year round and for almost any occasion. I remember when facebook first came into existence there was a group called something along the lines of “I don’t care, I live in FL and I wear my flip flops all year long.” I just recently had a conversation with a friend about how people from other parts of the country don’t understand Floridians obsession with flip flops. So that begs the questions, what kind of footwear do people in Washington wear? I don’t know anything about closed-toe shoes. I think my flip flops will only last so long in the cool/cold weather. I’m going to have to find some kind of shoe to keep my poor little toes warm.

Also, I have no idea how to deal with the snow in general. My last snow experience was in Whistler for all of maybe 30 minutes. There were four of us girls and we looked ridiculous as we dressed. Tina even wore her pjs pants UNDER her jeans. I had on probably 4 jackets… several pairs of socks… as many layers as possible and it was still MISERABLE cold. Worse yet, as we were coming down off the mountain the thawing sensation as the feeling returned to our appendages was not fun. I anticipate my reaction to snow weather and the like will resemble that of the out-of-state students at FSU during hurricane season. They would get very concerned, ask lots of questions about what kind of percautions we needed to take, stock up on food, etc. In comparasion, us Florida natives, think of hurricane days as good beach days, days to party, an excuse not to go to school or work. So basically, I’m assuming that I’m going to be like that when it comes to snow. I don’t know how to drive in snow. I don’t know anything about shoveling snow. Salting the roads. Dressing to keep warm. None of that. Heck, the first time my windshield froze over I had a mild panic. I sat there hoping that the windshield wipers alone would make the ice disappear. I had no luck with that, as one might have guessed.

Anyway, it’s just the little differences, the little questions that get me excited and nervous. I’m ready. I want to move already.

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