Wow! I’m thrilled and amazed, because yesterday the blog had a record breaking number of page views. I’m also so grateful for the positive comments and feedback from my fellow bloggers and friends. Thank you. 🙂

So, need to catch up?

Here are the first two posts of this series:

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When I originally started this blog my focus was on the transition from being a Florida resident to a Washington resident as I started my graduate program.


I planned to blog all about my adventures in Washington, such as:

Navigating the snow.


Figuring out rodeo life.


Surviving graduate school, etc.


Little did I know that my life out here would be fairly boring or that just two years later, I’d be moving back to Florida.


It occurred to me sometime last summer that my blog lacked a focus, or perhaps I should say, I no longer liked the original focus of my blog. Sure, my blog is a way to document my life and keep in touch with friends and family, but as I’ve learned in school, any good paper needs a thesis statement and any good blog needs a focus.

So what do I want to blog about? My attempts to balancing healthy living (and get my PCOS under control) while going through a PhD program.

The biggest mistake that I made while I was doing my masters was to get so bogged down in work that my only focus became school. It turns out, that those were the times when I forgot to eat right or get in some daily exercise, and as can be expected, I felt the worse. Plus, focusing only on school means that I don’t make time for friends and that’s not healthy either.

Sometimes I suck at time management and end up with a one-track mind, so trying to eat a balanced and processed-foods-free diet while maintaining exercise routines AND keeping up with graduate work and teaching AND having some semblance of a social life is difficult. My thought is that if I refocus my blog and acknowledge that I need more balance in my life, then maybe I can improve my life all around.

So I am reclassifying my blog to focus on balancing healthy living with PCOS, a PhD program, and having a life.

What should you expect to see? Essentially, more of what I’ve been posting. More posts on training for races (and triathlons!?). I want to pick a marathon, create a training schedule, and stick with it. More posts on healthy living discoveries. Since I’m struggling to lose weight and start feeling better (fatigue, headaches, etc.), I’m planning on playing with my diet a bit to mix things up. I might do an elimination diet of sorts to see if I can figure out what if making me feel yucky and thus, improves how I feel. More posts on balancing school and a social life. In a couple week I’ll be moving to Tallahassee and in August, starting school. And finally, more posts on PCOS.

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