Note to self: Quit moving so often and never move across the country again. I do not like packing and I do not like moving. Boo.

Thankfully dad is here with my in E’burg and we’ve made some serious progress on the apartment.

Tomorrow I need to vacuum pack my clothes, pack up the kitchen, put all my school binders in boxes, and finish breaking down the furniture. Should be easy, right?

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Anyway, let’s backtrack a couple days…

On Thursday I made the prerequisite trip to the liquor store to pick up a bunch of boxes. When I got home my neighbor saw me unloading them and wanted to know if I was either having a raging party or moving. Obviously, I’m not having a raging party.


I attempted to do as much packing/cleaning/sorting as possible before my dad’s Friday evening arrival, but I was only sort-of successful.




Can you spot the ever-so-helpful Charlie?


Hooray! The office is almost completely packed!


Then, Friday late afternoon, I headed to Seattle to pick up my dad. Before going to the airport I decided to make one last trip to Trader Joe’s before I depart the Northwest.


I’m going to miss Trader Joe’s. I definitely fell in love while here in Washington.

I stocked up on some healthy road trip snacks. I’m post more about it later, but I’ve been trying to come up with a game plan on how to eat healthy (and veggie-ful) and keep up my fitness goals while on the road.


After TJ’s, I grabbed some Chipotle for dinner and then headed to Sea-Tac to pick up my dad!

Traffic was insane, but totally worth it to have my dad here.


This morning I woke up bright and early to have breakfast with the girls and say goodbye to S. She’s going to Chicago for a summer internship before heading back to Lebanon.



When I returned home, my dad gave me some belated graduation presents.

A new kindle!

And my Snapshots of Summer book from last year printed.

I love them both! šŸ™‚

photo (1)

Then it was time to resume packing.

Stab me in the eyes, please. The only positive to packing is discovering lost treasures, such as a “Grow A Boyfriend.”

E’burg did not provide a wealth of guy opportunities, so hopefully I’ll have better luck in Florida.

SAM_4549 SAM_4551

I also found this note that I think I typed up for the bank.

Obviously, I didn’t give it to them, but it’s what I wanted to say.


Actually, if we’re being honest, I would have loved to say “F*** You” to the bank, but I didn’t do that either.

Charlie as usual wanted to be in the middle everything. Always such a big help. Not.


Packing tip from my dad:

When taking apart furniture pieces, use shrink wrap to wrap screws, parts, etc. to prevent losing them in the move. It also makes everything into a nice, neat package.


Gah, I hate living in a state of chaos. I’m looking forward to the road trip since it’ll mean everything is all packed up.

Tomorrow, more packing… but for now it’s time for sleep.

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2 Comments on Packing, More Packing, and Goodbyes

  1. My friend from school up here is moving to Florida to start her PhD (at UF…sorry, haha) and she’s a complete Trader Joe’s addict. She’s not really sure what she’s going to do! I can’t believe FLORIDA of all places doesn’t have Trader Joe’s.

  2. Did you use Wordle to make that last image???

    Your dad is a Saint. He is so awesome. Seems like a take charge kind of guy. Think I can borrow him when I move out? šŸ˜‰

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