Happy Father’s Day to my dad!


I feel really bad, he spent the whole day doing manual labor in my apartment.

I owe him BIG TIME. He broke down all of my furniture and wrapped it in shrink wrap. Right now, my apartment is 90% packed and tomorrow we have to load everything into the U-Haul box.

But this morning before we broke down all the furniture, I attempted to print my thesis on cotton paper.


I say attempted, because I printed one copy and realized that the printer wasn’t printing dark enough.

*bangs head on desk*

The new plan is to take my paper to campus tomorrow and print it on the department printer. Knock on wood that everything goes smoothly. I desperately want to leave the thesis behind when I leave E’burg.

Afterward, the day was spent packing.


Charlie wanted to make sure he wasn’t left behind, so he spent the day hanging out in boxes and trying some on.

“Does this box look good on me?”


When we quit working around 9pm, this is what my living room looked like:

photo (5)

We’re sleeping on mattresses on the floor tonight and then camping out tomorrow.

Bonus: Dad figured out how to fix the blinds that Charlie broke. Hooray!


Now I’m blogging and Dad is watching American Pickers on his computer.

I think It’s time for sleepy-sleepy!


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