I’m currently updating from the road! Right now we’re cruising along I-57 in Illinois, listening to the Illinois CD courtesy of L and I’m trying to update my flickr account.


Yesterday we only drove for 5 hours, from Otto to Nashville, TN. Dad and I got to Nashville, dropped off our stuff at the Schwartauhaus and then headed downtown. We ate lunch at the fabulous Which wich? They have such delicious food. I wish there was one closer to me. Dad even said it was worth the 5 hour drive. Then A, T and myself took dad down to Broadway/West End, where we walked along the road checking out the honky-tonks and taking pictures.


In the evening, there was a small dinner party, a sort of send-off dinner in my honor. It was A’s family and her friends, who I’d say were also my friends. Dinner was yummy and the conversation was funny, thought provoking, awkward, interesting… I thought it was a great night.

Plus, it’s awesome that T is living with A’s family. Oh and T gave me two crafts of sand straight from Jax Beach, as well as a spud for good luck in Idaho. So awesome. I’m definitely going to have a “Florida” themed room in my new apartment. Maybe make it my office?


We are currently searching for lunch. I think we’re only a couple hours from our Kansas City, Kansas destination for tonight. We’re ALMOST half way there. Hooray!

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