Day two down. We are spending the night in Ft. Collins, Colorado. It’s my first time in Colorado, but so far it’s looked just like Montana and Wyoming.

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We started the morning in Belgrade Montana and headed out onto the road around 9am.

I’ve been really impressed with Charlie. Sometimes I forget he’s traveling with us because he’s been so quiet and calm. It’s such a refreshing change from his usual troublesome behavior.


Before we truly got on the road, I wanted to make a pit-stop in Bozeman to visit Great Harvest Bakery. I’ve read a lot about Great Harvest on Kath Eats and had to try it for myself.


Dad and I each got treats for later in the day. I would have loved to get a loaf of bread, but it really wasn’t practical for the trip.

photo (7)

The scenery in Montana pretty much looked like this the whole time. Montana really is big sky country and my camera and descriptions do it no justice.


I took over driving around lunch time. I started my grazing for the day with broccoli and this Trader Joe’s hummus.



In addition to the beautiful scenery, we saw lots of oil refineries and oil drilling happening along side the road.


Next snack: La Croix sparking water and a string cheese.


Welcome to Wyoming!


My afternoon snack was my delicious Great Harvest morning glory muffin. I wish I had gotten more than one because it was delicious. Dad got a whole wheat cinnamon roll and said that while it wasn’t super sweet it was very flavorful.


So many interesting rock formations.


Charlie spent almost the entire day sleeping. He loves sunbathing.

It got me wondering, can cats get sunburned or ever skin cancer? Hrm.



Funny story:

Dad and I saw this red thing as we were driving and tried to figure out what kind of statue or art piece it was only to discover it was the back of a sign advertising the mall in the next town.



Dad prefers to drive, so I spent the afternoon playing around on the computer.

I did lots of facebooking and e-mailing while on the road. Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing out on the road trip experience by taking advantage of the technology, but I tend to think that I’d start asking, “are we there yet?” every 15 minutes if I wasn’t allowed to play on the computer.


At the end of our driving day we crossed into Colorado.


Hello Fort Collins!


We checked into the hotel and then went in search of some soup. We ended up in the college area of Ft. Collins. I loved the atmosphere and it’s what I wished E’burg had felt like.

Mission Soup = Success!


Catch you on the flip side somewhere in Kansas or Missouri.

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