[I hope this post makes sense. I’m rather overtired and wanted to get this done before bed, so I apologize if there are more typos than usual. :)]

Fact: Not only am I a master of theatre studies, but I am also a master navigator.

I credit (or blame?) this skill on the fact that my mom lacks a sense of direction and when we went on family vacations and my mom, sister and I went off exploring, I had to figure out how to read a map. Either way, the skill comes in very handy.


Another fact: While traveling with my dad, I’ve discovered that he snores.

It’s okay though, because as a kid I used to snore so loud that my parents could hear me when they were downstairs and I was sleeping upstairs. When I got my adenoids removed, whatever those are, the snoring stopped.

The morning started in Colorado where I navigated us around Denver and avoided the morning rush hour traffic.


I’m a bit disappointed. Colorado looks just like Wyoming and Kansas looks a lot like Colorado. Hey states, where’s the creativity?


We stopped for an early lunch and I got a sub at subway. One of the only veggie friendly fast food places.


Bye Colorado!


Hello Kansas!


The main attraction in Kansas has been the vast fields of wheat and the farmers who are in the process of harvesting it.



Aside from the wheat, there were lots of oil refineries.



And wind turbines.



I was super tired today, so dad did most of the driving as I navigated and read my new kindle in the passenger seat. I think the past few weeks has finally caught up to me and I’m wiped out.



We stopped for gas and an afternoon snack at a gas station in Salina, Kansas. It happened to be the most ridiculous truck stop I’ve ever stopped at. Trucks everywhere.


This truck nearly hit me and my car. Yikes. I made a really crazy face when I realized the truck was coming at me and it apparently amused the driver who just smiled and waved as he drove by.

Picture 2

Then I found a disposal box for hypodermic needles and other medical waste. What the heck?!


Kansas has some really neat rock formations along the side of the highway.


After about 10 hours of driving, we arrived in Olathe, Kansas for the night. Yesterday dad scoped out the area and decided that we would be eating dinner at Red Robin. He was excited to try their gourmet burgers. So we checked into the hotel and went to Red Robin.

I have to say I really enjoyed the meal. They offered to sub-in a veggie burger for any of their usual burger combos, so I ordered a mushroom swiss veggie burger on a wheat roll with a side of broccoli. It was delicious and way too much food.


Tonight’s hotel has a fitness room, so I got up off my lazy bum and worked out for 30 minutes — 10 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes walking on the treadmill.

I may be exhausted, but I’m sure sitting in a car for 10+ hours every day can’t be good for me, so I did something, which is always better than nothing.


Charlie likes the fancy digs too and enjoyed the opportunity to drink some water out of the marble sink.


Nashville Tennessee and friends tomorrow evening!

I can’t wait! We’re almost home.

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