I’m feeling pretty antsy right now. We got on the road about 7:30 this morning and it’s 6:41 pm, well it’s actually 5:41, since we just crossed into mountain time, but whatever. I drove for a while this morning till dad got bored being the passenger. Since then I’ve gone through a dope-ass mix, several mixes from the box set of awesome, and the in between the lines mix. I’ve read more of my sookie stackhouse book and starred out the window. I’m bored. I’m ready to be in the hotel room, eat a hot meal and watch GLEE! Oh goodness, I’m very much looking forward to Glee premiering. If you don’t know what it is, go check it out on Fox.com. It WILL be the new hit show of this tv season. Woo!

Yesterday we drove through a whole slew of states: Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and Kansas. We stopped in Kansas City, Kansas and stayed with the parents of someone who works at Poynter. They were very hospitable, opened up their house to us, had a delicious meal prepared and pretty much gave us free rein of the house. I also slept the best since I left for Ellensburg over a week ago. I’m ready to have my own bed, with my comforters and pillows and wonderfulness!

One of the aspects of this whole move that I’m looking forward to most (and is consequently stressing me out the most) is furnishing my apartment from scratch. I think I have the whole money aspect figured out.  It’ll be a first, having brand new furniture and a say in how my apartment looks. I’ve always lived with people and had to make decisions on interior design together. I’m also dying to have my own place, my own home to come to after work/school. Hooray Independence!

My camera decided to go on strike yesterday afternoon. I’m none to amused about it. I tried to turn it on and nothing. Zip. No action. No lens extending to prepare for picture taking. I haven’t completely lost hope, but it doesn’t look good. WHY?! The camera is less than a year old and survived a half marathon and other crazy adventures… come back to life! I guess I should be thankful that at least I have a camera on my iphone that takes decent pictures, so if it is kaput, I won’t be completely cameraless.

Today we’ve covered the rest of Kansas, Iowa, maybe Nebraska and South Dakota. Let me tell you, there’s not a lot out here to look out… just CORN. Seriously. LOTS AND LOTS OF CORN.

IMG_2938 IMG_2932

Occasionally we saw some sunflowers, some random statues, and plenty of cheesy billboards. We actually decided to stop at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. We didn’t go inside or anything, just took pictures outside, since Charlie was waiting in the car.


Also what’s kinda neat is when we got to Sioux Falls, SD, we turned onto I-90. We’ll be taking I-90 straight into Ellensburg. So we spent most of today on 90, and all of tomorrow and Friday.


We’re trucking along to Rapid City, South Dakota, where we’ll stop for the night. We have to figure out how to sneak Charlie into the hotel. Also, since it seems like we’re going to arrive just before sunset, Mt. Rushmore shall been seen in the morning, I suppose. Tomorrow looks like another long day, with just under 10 hours from Rapid City to Missoula. Friday will be short, only 5ish hours, and with the time change to Pacific time zone, we actually gain an hour.


Are we there yet?! Please? Seriously. My bum has gone numb. Let me out of the car!


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  1. I am really enjoying your blog! Keep writing. I love the pictures and your reflections on traveling. I also like seeing pictures of Charlie. Has he gotten used to wearing a collar?

  2. I am proud of you Katie, taking on this adventure. You have given yourself a wonderful opportunity to open up a million more possibilities in your life. Enjoy yourself and have fun!

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