We’ve made it to the south!

More importantly, I’ve only been back for a day and my hair has already launched a revolt. I don’t think a flat iron can help this frizz. Oh humidity, le sigh.

Did you notice the lack of update yesterday? Well, I was on a reading deadline and then I spent the evening hanging out with my favorite second family, so no blog post. To make up for it, today I’m road- blogging. We are driving through Atlanta at the moment and I am so happy that we are almost to Florida.

So what all happened yesterday?

Well, while on the road, my car hit a big milestone. 100,000 miles!


This car happens to be my first and only car, which I purchased and paid for all by myself when I was 19 years old. It was my first big purchase as a semi-adult. It seems appropriate that my car would hit this mileage while I’m on a cross-country road trip to my new home and phase of my real adult life.

Me and my morning coffee.


Fact: I had my first taste of coffee when I was 16. I was in a Starbucks in the Rockefeller Plaza subway station in New York City.

Now I love all forms of coffee.


We covered a bunch of states yesterday: Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee.


It’s incredible (and very sad) that all over the country we flood zones. Ellensburg was recently flooded. North Dakota is currently experiencing flooding and all along our route we’ve seen lakes and rivers that should be flat farmland. It’s so hard to tell where the banks and shores lines should be because everything is just a field of water now.


We ran into construction somewhere along our route. Maybe Illinois? Maybe Kentucky? It all looked the same.

Traffic was forced into one lane and we just sat there for about 30 minutes.


A couple of jerk-faces thought that they would skip the line and cruise down the other open lane and cut back in later down the line, but a mustang behind us didn’t want to let that happen. He pulled out into the second land and sat there, effectively blocking cars from passing.


Even with the mustang blocking cars, a few special people were still too impatient to wait, so they drove around him onto the shoulder….

Only to discover a semi-truck who was doing the same thing as the mustang, but the semi was blocking everything.



After we passed the construction zone, we made a gas/bathroom/guilty-pleasure stop.


I have to say, I’m pretty proud of us. Considering we have been on the road for five days, this is our first “splurge” of the trip. We also order the “snack” size which was still rather big, but small enough not to do too much damage.

I still feel pretty gross for sitting in a car for a week, but we’ve been snacking healthy and eating smaller meals, so we’ve done the best we can. I also gave up tracking my food, but once I’m settled, I’m going to resume all of my daily healthy activities.

Another sign that we are back in the south? Sweet Tea!


Finally, around 7:30, we arrived in Nashville! We dropped off Charlie, unloaded a couple bags and then headed to Cinco de Mayo, the favorite restaurant of the daschwartau’s. It was so good, especially after a long day of driving.

After dinner, A surprised me with some graduation/house-warming gifts. Totally unexpected, totally unnecessary, but totally awesome.

Like her wrapping? 🙂


A must have read my mind, because she made a book out of my blog and pictures from the past two years in E’burg.






She also made a Florida-themed picture frame with a picture of me, C, and her.

Don’tcha love my face?


The last thing is a 30 Days of Joy, which is the mini-version of her Jars of Joy. I’ll start it and blog about it, once I’m settled into my place. Perhaps I can start it around the 19th or 20th so it wraps up right when I start orientation for school.


Another fun fact: Last night A’s house had three orange cats living there. Charlie, Cosmo, and Cheeto.

A’s new furbaby Cosmo is still a kitten and super teeny. We thought it would be funny to take a Lion King picture with Cosmo, but then to be funny we took the same picture with Cheeto. If only I had taken a Lion King picture with Charlie. Then it would be like the small, medium, and large versions of an orange cat. Maybe I’ll take one later and add it to this sequence.

SAM_5063 SAM_5065

I’m super jealous of Charlie.


Tonight I get to sleep in my own bed and sleep in tomorrow morning. I. Absolutely. Cannot. Wait.

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