Wake up, grab coffee, and hit the beach.


Today started out the same way as yesterday. It was still overcast, but that made the Florida heat a bit more bearable.


I also put my new SwimSpot bathing suit to the test and I really like it. It’s a vintage/retro cut one-piece and I can remove the halter straps to make it strapless if I choose.

Although I did end up getting a bit too much sun. Must buy a new bottle of sunscreen for my body + face before I head back to the beach!

– House Stuff –

It looks like this weekend my dad, mom, and I are heading to the new house to get some painting done. I’m not entirely sure how this trip is going to work out or what we’re going to get finished, but painting is the primary objective of the trip.

I called the city yesterday and arranged for the utilities to be switched into my name on Friday.

Tip: A while back when I was looking at the prices of utilities I noticed that there is a $210 deposit required for setting up new utilities. I also noticed that if you have a letter from your previous utility company stating at least two years of good service, that the city will waive the fee. Before I left E’burg I got one of those letters and now I don’t have to pay any sort of deposit. Score!

I also checked in with U-Haul and after calling, e-mailing, and tweeting them, I found out that my stuff has been shipped and is on its way to Florida.

Now for the paint dilemma.


I went to Home Depot last night and my head is spinning. Picking out paint colors and a scheme for your entire house is a lot more difficult than it looks.



I have a strong aversion to white walls. It feels way to sterile and mind-numbing, which tends to make me want bright bold colors.

Flash back to my Tally old bedroom:

(I promise the room wasn’t quite this bright in real life)

Yes, I know the color is loud. Yes, I know the color is a bit obnoxious. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I still like the color choice.

But my parents cringe at the thought of me painting any wall of my house that color and I’m afraid they might have a bit of a point.

So where’s the middle ground between boring pastels and neutrals and a bold splash of color?

Picture 2

I’m open for any ideas or suggestions that may come my way, but this is what I’m thinking about doing, for the moment:

Using an off-white or tan for the main walls and then having an accent wall in each room. I’m loving the teal/green color combination, but I also really enjoy orangy-pinks, a la coral or salmon.

Here’s where some of my inspiration has come from (everything found via Pinterest):








The last picture above shows both a neutral, but not white, wall color and the curtain plan for all the downstairs windows/slide glass door and possibly upstairs windows.

photo (10)


Mom suggested adding some white wainscot paneling for underneath the counter/sink. I think that will do wonders to update the kitchen and be a great temporary fix, until I decide on renovating the kitchen further. It would also help an accent color “pop” if I paint the walls around the kitchen.


So what if the wall with these three windows, which is the front of the house, is my accent wall, painted either a teal or that greenish-yellow color? Then the primarily living room wall, with the sliding glass door on it, is the sandy neutral. Should I paint the kitchen area another accent color, since it’s a small space? What if I paint the wall leading up the staircase an accent color?

The only thing I know for certain is that all the current wood trim, doors, railings, etc, will be painted a crisp white.

The painting dilemma continues upstairs…

photo (9)

My bedroom.


The office.

I can’t decide if I should use the same colors upstairs as downstairs or what colors I should add into the mix? Blah. So many decisions I think my head might explode.

HELP! Ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts? Someone want to make the decisions for me?

2 Comments on Paint By Numbers

  1. I love the idea of accent walls. Bright colors would be my choice too. I think its a young person thing, though my mom and I were talking about it the other day and she said she missed that bright blue wall from our Florida house. Do all the colors in the all of the rooms have to match? Do you have to do it all NOW? OR can you live there for a while and make some of the decisions later? I know its easier to paint while there’s no furniture in there, but maybe you just do the rooms that bother you the most and leave the others to stew for a while.

    Tina has this great purple color she’s gonna put as an accent color in her bedroom and then like a pale purple color for the other walls. I dont think she’s done it yet. She painted splotches on the walls to let herself get used to it for a while, to decide if she really liked it.

    A couple of the houses I’ve looked at online have a different color in every room and even though it’s kind of chaotic, I really liked it. The kitchen had this green color you would probably love, and the living room had a teal color. The bedrooms were done in more blues. The kids room in bright orangey colors. So rainbowtastic.

    Paint can ALWAYS be painted over if in the end you hate it. Its not a permanent decision you have to live with forever. So just go with your gut and if you hate it after a year, have a painting party, bribe your friends with beer & redo it 🙂

  2. One thing I’ve seen done that I like a lot, is having an accent wall, but then the other three walls done in a muted shade from the same color family. It can look awesommmme!

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