Quick update! It’s Day One of house painting (and other projects) and it’s the first night that I’m spending in my new home. Exciting!

There’s lots of work to be done, but nothing too crazy.

Last night I picked out some test colors for my living room and bedroom walls at Lowe’s and got some samples to paint on the walls in different lighting situations.


Choosing paint colors is difficult!

Making flooring decisions is also difficult!


We went to Flooring America this morning to get a quote on vinyl for downstairs and carpet for upstairs. So many decisions to make!


So far the only room we’ve tackled is my bedroom. We’ve sanded down almost all the wood base boards and doors and painted some test colors on the wall.

Tomorrow morning we’ll start priming everything with my dad’s super-duper paint sprayer. Cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly.


We ended up eating a late dinner at 1 Fresh Stir Fry.


It used to be one of my favorite fast-but-healthy restaurants in Tallahassee and the menu has become even more healthy since I last went there.

They now offer Quinoa as a starch (in addition to the tofu protein option) and veggies and toppings are now unlimited. Sweet!


Post-dinner, we went to Home Depot to get some work lights, since the place doesn’t have any overhead lights in the bedrooms, and then we set up camp.


Time for bed! I have a long day of painting ahead of me tomorrow!

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