For the past week, I’ve been diligently reading Graduate Study for the 21st Century. Reading this book BEFORE going to school is probably the best advice I received thus far. That being said, I’m also freaking out just a bit. The book doesn’t sugarcoat a thing. It appears that my days will be filled with reading, writing, studying, teaching, etc. Basically, the library, Starbucks and my office will be my best friends and the only places that I’ll be hanging out. It’s okay though, because it’s what I want.

Anyway, in order to make sure that I am successful in grad school, I’ve started to envision how I’m going to handle my workload and life schedule.

  • I’m starting to try and switch myself over to a regular sleep schedule. Asleep by 10 or 11pm, up by 6 or 7am. I’m struggling at the moment, but hopefully if I keep with it for the next month or so, it’ll be a bit more natural by school time.
  • Also, there’s no such thing as homework anymore. My plan for my weekdays involves waking up at a decent time and working on reading assignments, papers, etc., regardless of when they are due. No more procrastination. If I work everyday, the workload should be way more tolerable. I hope.
  • I also need to make sure that I plan for exercise on a daily/regular basis. The author of the book actually stresses the importance of working out, both to stay healthy and keep my sanity.

I also need to work on reversing any leftover bad student habits from college. Mainly, I probably need to cut down on my facebooking, compulsive checking of e-mail and generally getting distracted. Overall disconnecting from the world (and my phone) long enough so that I can accomplish work.

I need to constantly remind myself to have trust and faith in my ideas and abilities. Silly I know, but I often question the validity of my thoughts in class discussions and my writing. It only hurts me in the long run.

Also, I want to make sure all of my teachers know me. I want to utilize their office hours early in the semester to introduce myself, so that as the semester progresses, I’ll feel comfortable asking for assistance on papers, etc.

Since I have about two months till school officially starts I’m trying to read as much as I possibly can. Today I decided to add some writing books to that list. I figure I could definitely use a grammar lesson and my writing in general could improve. Perhaps writing in this blog on a daily basis, combined with reading writing books, I’ll find my writing groove just in time to crank out some crazy long papers. Grad school, oy.

* Random Fact: CWU is on the quarter schedule, which will be an interesting transition from using the semester schedule at FSU.

That’s all for now. Happy Monday everyone!

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