Happy 4th of July!

Trivia for today – Which three presidents died on the 4th of July?

Other than playing American history related trivia at Mellow Mushroom during dinner, today was very un-4th of July-ish. Instead, day three of house projects included painting, painting, and shockingly more painting.

The morning started out alright. I continued working on painting the wood trim in the second bedroom.


Problems arose when I popped into my bedroom to check out the progress.  


The lime green-grellow color that I picked out was much more in-yer-face than I anticipated and I nearly had a meltdown over my color choices.


I wasn’t sure WHAT I was going to do with the rest of that paint, since after seeing in on one wall of my bedroom I nearly had a panic attack. I scratched the original plans of putting the lime on two bedroom walls and ended up adding in a teal blue wall.

The problem with that was the colors still didn’t tie together and the room was feeling a bit bi-polar. Not to mention, I’m not sure my existing bedding will work with the color scheme.

Anyway, my mom’s brilliant solution to the bi-polar walls was to add boxes of the blue onto the lime wall. It actually turned out really neat and I think I like the room colors now. I won’t be adding any more big splashes of lime to the house. Even after painting samples on the walls, I some how screwed up in my paint color choices, but I’ve decided I’m going to own the lime wall in my bedroom.



In the other bedroom, my dad worked on priming and painting the closet doors and the rest of the trim. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll get to paint the walls the tan + peach colors.


Then after my color meltdown, I tackled the hallway and the stairs. I haven’t quite figured out what other color I’m adding to the upstairs hall, but the teal will start at the front door and lead the eye up to my bedroom.



The final adventure of the day was yet another trip to Lowe’s (take a shot!) where I considered some of my flooring options. I decided that the guy at Flooring America, our first and only stop thus far, was clearly working on commission and I didn’t trust him. At Lowe’s we found a very knowledgeable guy named Wes, who spent loads of time explaining all the different carpet, laminate, and vinyl options to us and I didn’t feel like he was trying to make a sale.


Right now, I’m leaning towards this Frieze carpet for upstairs and quite possibly downstairs.




My original plan was to install laminate wood flooring in the downstairs: living room, dining area, kitchen, half bath, laundry room, entry way.


But that is either going to cost a lot to have installed or will cost a lot of time/effort if we were to install it ourselves, and I’m running out of time.

The more that I think about it, I’m not as opposed to carpet downstairs as I originally was. If I go with laminate, then I’ll have to get an area rug anyway, so maybe carpet will be the best and quickest way to go. More decisions to make!


Funny story – As we were driving home from Mellow Mushroom, we passed a store called “Vinyl Fever” and my mom says, “Hey look, there’s another place to check out… they might have some good options!” It turns out she thought Vinyl Fever was a flooring store, but in reality, it’s a record/music store.

So which three presidents died on the 4th of July?

Trivia answer – Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and John Adams.
Bonus – Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe both died on July 4th of the same year!

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