Wee! I’m playing catch up on the blog post after a whirlwind trip to St. Pete and back. I arrived back in the 727 around 8pm on Tuesday and left for T-town at 4pm on Thursday. Such a quick trip at home.

As per usual, I made a morning trip to the beach to get some reading and sun in.

Say hello to the Treasure Island pirate!


As much as I love reading at the beach, I also do my fair share of people watching. Wednesday was a prime people watching day. There was a group of teenage girls in front of me, including one sullen girl who refused to take off her black Jonas brothers t-shirt the entire time they were there.


Later that night, I cooked an eggplant and mushroom cheesy veggie casserole. My mom has these ridiculous goggles that she uses to cut onions, but they really work, so I sported the glasses while I chopped. I’m a sucker for ridiculous clothing/accessories.


After dinner, I made yet another trip to Lowe’s. Did you take a shot? I picked up some new door locks and more paint.


The next day it was rainy and gross, so I skipped the beach in favor of a Target trip to window shop for accessories and decor for my place.



Just before lunch, the sister came home and asked if I wanted to grab lunch at the Taco Bus.

Of course I said yes! I wanted to see what all the hype was about!




I was pleased to see that the Taco Bus had a really good selection of veggie friendly options on the menu. I opted for tofu strips in the taco lunch meal deal.


Overall I’d say the food was good


, but nothing super out of the ordinary. I’ll give it another shot the next time I’m in St. Pete, but I won’t be craving it while I’m in Tallahassee.

Then at 4pm, I threw all my stuff into the car and hit the road!

A week or two ago, I started rereading Harry Potter with several friends, but because of the constant travel and house projects I’ve been really behind, until now! I finished up book 1 and started book 2 with Jim Dale reading to me as I drove to Tallahassee.


Unfortunately, the ride wasn’t smooth. The weather was horrible! Crazy lighting strikes, lots of rain, several moments of nearly hydroplaning, and flag poles being blown over by wind.

I was very happy when we reached Leon county and the sun started to peak out.


Up next… more painting and house projects!

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