Remember my pretty new FSU key? Well this morning I learned how to change my own locks so that my pretty key actually works in my lock.


Changing the locks was surprisingly easier than I anticipated.  



All done!


I spent most of today working on priming and painting baseboards and doors. Lots of detail work. This is the front hallway before todays projects.


Front door is now painted white! I’ve only primed it, but it makes a huge difference to the look and feel of the house. I think I want to paint the inside of the squares one of my accent colors, probably the peach color.

Yesterday we also changed out the lighting fixture above the door and it looks much more contemporary than the stand yellow-ish globe that was up there.


Peach accent wall. It’s not quite coral, but I really like the peach color.


Peach wall almost done and tan around the doors.


More painting over of the brown/wood doors.


Getting closer. The main living room/dining area wall is now tan and I primed around the sliding glass door.


Aside from painting, we made some serious progress in the flooring department. Dad laid a cement underlay and then put down some press and stick tiles, to see if we liked the look. The white-ish tiles are a vast improvement over the weird yellow brick vinyl. Dad’s going to try and tackle the press and stick flooring tomorrow before he leaves.



We also went to Lowe’s and ordered the carpet.

When I submitted a change of address form to the Post Office, they sent me a packet of coupons. I probably would have ignored them, except I’m trying to become coupon savvy. Well, I found this Lowe’s coupon and we used it on our flooring purchase and saved a couple hundred dollars. Sweet!


I took dad to Gordo’s for dinner. They have the best fries in Tallahassee and the main entrees are pretty good as well. Dad said it was someplace we should go again, which is always a good sign.


Painting is exhausting. Sleep time.

4 Comments on Keeper of the Keys

  1. Katie Katie Katie Katie sweetums! I am SO EXCITED for you! Omg I adore the pastel, tropical colors. One day I *swear* to you I will visit you (if you let me). I’m doing a happy wiggle for you currently, believe me! Also, #1: I love your FSU key; how did you get one? #2: I’m very impressed by you changing the locks.

  2. Please come visit me! I’d love to have you visit. Anytime you want. šŸ™‚

    Lowe’s has a bunch of different vanity keys, so I got the FSU one. Hilary wants a UF one, since that’s where she’s going. They also have flowers and other designs.

    Changing the locks was easy. If you can use a screw driver, you can do it!

    I’m trying to become more coupon savvy. If you have any tips, I’m all ears.

    PS – I’m still trying to think of puppy names, unless you’ve already come up with one. Congrats though! The puppy is ADORABLE! šŸ™‚

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