Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades.

The house is almost done, but with no furniture and yucky carpet covering the entire house, it still looks far from finished. Today consisted of lots of little projects and getting things back in order.

My dad had to leave by lunch time, so while he worked on the flooring project, edging the ceiling where I can’t reach, and hanging my door chair, I worked on cleaning blinds and more priming and painting.


From here on out I’m on my own, but thankfully I don’t have much more to accomplish before the carpet is installed. This week I’m planning on working in the mornings and then relaxing in the afternoons. Maybe if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll even tackle a bathroom, which is not a priority at this point.

See the tan painted everywhere? I need to finish the baseboards so I can do the edging around them and then it’s done!


I also am testing out the peach on the back kitchen wall. I think I’m going to go with it. It won’t be a big accent, but I think it looks alright. Am I alone on that thought? Dad keeps trying to steer me away from any more peach accent walls.


I ran out of Dad work time, so he just laid the first bit of time so the carpet people can make the transition from carpet to tile smooth.


Sorry for the yucky lighting! I’ll take daytime pictures tomorrow.

When my mom was up here she suggested that I extend the lime ceiling accent down the wall, so we did that today. I love it! I think it’s a great burst of color. As for the peach squares on the doors, I’m not sure how I feel. I’m going to paint the squares above and below the peach the tan wall color and then decide how it looks. Worse comes to worst, I’ll just paint white over it.

Also, see the new flooring in the “foyer”? It’s a huge improvement over the weird yellow brick that was there.


Aside from the door, this whole area is finished! Check out my new lamp in the right hand corner and my CraigsList TV in the bottom left corner. The TV was cheap and in good condition, but it is quite behemoth. Eventually it’ll be my bedroom tv.


Again, I need to take better pictures, but note new the lime green wall, the new lighting fixture, and the white attic hatch.


The second bedroom/office/the sister’s room. Once I add curtains and some decor the room will be perfect!


The other view of the bedroom/office.


After dad left, I cleaned up the house, which was a complete disaster, then headed to Target. The second I hit the FSU campus the skies opened up it began to pour. When I got into the Target the rain picked up so much that I was rained into Target and left to wander the aisles till it let up.


The only bonus to dad leaving is I get to steal his air mattress. I can only hope that the double air mattress set up will be a teeny bit more comfortable. I’m so ready for my bed, furniture, and books to get here!


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  1. That’s actually what I had already done, but after sleeping on it, I went and painting an edge around the inside part. I think it looks better, but I’m still not completely sold on the look. 🙂

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