Do you like the title? Did you catch the Harry Potter reference? What about the other recent post with the HP reference? I blame it on all the reading I’ve been doing and the upcoming HP celebration (and mourning) that will be happening this weekend.

This morning I went ahead and bought tickets for this weekend showing. All I need is for my sister and family to show up and this weekend is ready to rock ‘n’ roll.


Moaning Myrtle Moment #1: I had this whole post written out and it disappeared! Gah. So frustrating.

Anyway, on Sunday night my toilet was acting up and I thought I might have a Moaning Myrtle of my own. šŸ˜‰ Of course, in reality, the stopper on my toilet wasn’t sealing completely and thus continuously trying to refill the tank.

You may now add “fixing a toilet” to my resume. I successfully changed the stopper from the old gross one, to a new clean one.


Holding up the decomposing toilet stopped.


Back to a fully functioning toilet!


Moaning Myrtle Moment #2: All of Monday was consumed by painting projects. I’m so ready to be finished and I wish the painter hadn’t been ridiculously overpriced because I hate painting.


I primed and painted the inside and outside molding and doors of the closet and bathroom. They looks 10 years younger. What a facelift white paint can giving a house.




Moaning Myrtle Moment #3: I continued working on the door and I’m not sure if I love it yet. I ultimately decided to edge the peach frames with brown and then vice verse.


In progress…


Completed project.

I think it’s growing on me.


Also note the finished edging around the window sill. The front of the house is officially complete, except for carpet, furniture, and curtains.


Moaning Myrtle Moment #4: It’s been boring being in T-town without any furniture. It’s hard to read or play on the computer without a place to comfortably relax. I really want the carpet to hurry up and get here. Did you hear me carpet? Hurry up and get here!



Moaning Myrtle Moment #5: The most recent house project involved wall anchors, a chicken noodle soup can, and curtains.


I tried looking in several stores but I was unsuccessful in finding a cheap hammer, so I used what I had, which was a soup can.

Don’t even get me started on how frustrated I was with the wall anchors. I actually resorted to using some spackling compound to help the wall anchors still in the walls. Let’s hope the curtains stay up.

For now, they look pretty and definitely help me feel a bit more safe and secure with something covering the sliding glass door panels.


I spent yesterday relaxing, running errands, and taking a break from painting.

Reading outside at Starbucks used to be one of my favorite activities, so I spent a couple hours doing that. Even in the oppressive heat, I love reading outside on a day when it’s bright and sunny.



Fun Tallahassee Fact: Tallahassee actually has more hills, rural nighttime sounds, and foliage than Ellensburg.


Moaning Myrtle Moment #6: Now that I’ve written this post twice, I’ve used up my reading time for the afternoon. I guess it’s time to face the paint and tackle the kitchen and edging.  


Don’t forget to enjoy some sunshine today and maybe a bright flower cookie!

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