So close, we are so close.

Our scheduled arrival time in Ellensburg, WA is 1:15pm. We still have to make it through the remaining bit of Montana, cross over the skinny part of Idaho and then Hello Washington!

I realized yesterday that I’ll never again complain about how long it takes to get to Tallahassee from St. Pete. I say this because even FLYING it takes longer to get to Washington than it does driving to Tallahassee. It takes a whole day of flying to get to the other side of the country or about 5 days of driving. Ridiculous.

Also, I’ve concluded that road trips are quite unhealthy. Think about it, spending 8-10 hours in a car for X number of days, eating fast food and not doing much. Ugh. As much as I’ve enjoyed seeing the country via car, I feel gross because of it. I’m going to be eating super healthy and running/hitting up the gym as soon as I can just to recover from this trip.

I learned lots of new interesting facts yesterday and saw some cool stuff. Out of boredom I started researching (with my handy-dandy iphone) hay bales, snow fences, and state facts as we were cruising through the various states.

I found out that the round hay bales that I keep seeing everywhere compress the hale more efficiently than the square ones and weight between 700-900 pounds. I’m still trying to figure out why the farmers leave hay pelts all over the ground after they’ve baled the hay. Anyone know?

I saw my first snow fence, which is put up along the highway to prevent the snow from blowing onto the roads. It creates a snow drift and is sometimes used to create a water reservoir in the spring time. Sometimes ski resorts use them to control the snow. Interesting, huh?

We also saw gates that occur every so often to shut down the highway in the winter if the road is snowed in. That’s something I’m definitely not used to seeing.

The state dinosaur of Wyoming is the triceratops. Seriously. I’m not joking.

While in Wyoming dad and I saw oil being drilled and oil derricks, which looked like something out of Star Wars and made me want to watch one of those movies. There were also Exxon oil refineries, coal mining areas and coal being transported by train. Lots of trains!

Oh and there were bunches of wild antelope all along the highway.

In Montana we saw a recently extinguished wild fire. I found out that it happened last week, it jumped from one side of I-90 to the other and might have affected our trip if we left a week earlier.

We haven’t seen hardly any cops this whole trip, literally maybe a handful. Yesterday we saw our first cop and saw him pulled someone over. It was a highlight of the afternoon.

And Yellowstone National Park covers three state, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

I’m looking forward to being home. Even if home means someplace foreign. I’m sure that by the time I get all my furniture and start putting up pictures and decorations, it’ll look and feel like home.

The agenda for tomorrow is IKEA, Seattle, Target and assembling LOTS OF FURNITURE! Weee!

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