– having my own living room.
– having my own kitchen.
– having my own bathroom.
– having my own bedroom.
– having my own office!
– having 4 closets and too much space!!!

I’m so glad to not be riding in a car. Yesterday dad and I arrived in Ellensburg around lunch time. I met up with the apartment manager and got my keys to the apartment. Then dad and I went to lunch at the pita pit, woo! From there we picked up the rental van and decided to head to seattle/ikea. On the drive over there, I called Charter Cable to see about setting up internet. The first time I called, I spoke with some really nasty woman who quoted me crazy prices. This time, I made friends with a guy named Travis. Travis told me I could get the speed internet that I want and cable tv for a cheaper price than just internet. Yay! I made all the arrangements to get it hooked up, but Travis told me it would be two weeks, unless someone cancelled. WELL, about 15 minutes later, Travis called back and Charter is coming out on Monday to set up cable and internet. Now all I need is a tv. Minor details, lol.

Anyway, dad and I made it to Ikea with a specifc mission. I feared that the mattress and couch I wanted would be sold out, so we went and purchased those items first. The only thing they didn’t have was a mattress for the futon, so I ended up buying the next step up, which worked out for the best. After loading up the car, we went back for round 2!

Three hours later, we left ikea with enough furniture to fill my apartment and most importantly, a mattress for my bed and a mattress for the futon (dad’s bed for the next week). We arrived back in Ellensburg around 10:30, came home, unloaded just the mattresses and crashed. Such a long day.

Today we started the day in downtown, checking out the local farmers market. I didn’t buy anything this time, but there’s lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and flower options. Unfortunately it stops for the winter in October. After the market dad and I went garage saling and found a microwave for $8.00. I brought it home, windexed it and now it looks almost new. We spent most of the afternoon assembling our boat load of ikea furniture. Charlie loved it! He was constantly in the middle of things, but I think he’s adjusted to his new home and enjoys looking out the windows and exploring.

Anyway, my apartment actually looks like an apartment. Almost. I need some decorations for the walls and curtains, etc. to finish it up, but I’m happy. šŸ™‚ I’ll post pictures tomorrow, once I have some daylight to take the pictures in.

We also went to Fred Meyers, which I’m glad I discovered. It’s sort of like a super wal-mart/target — part grocery store, part kohls. It’ll be great in the winter when it’s apparently ill-advised to travel to Yakima (because of the bad road conditions).

I think tomorrow will mark my first laundry experience here, as well as a trip to Yakima. I need to try and find a tv and also go to target. I haven’t decided how I’m going to arrange and organize my clothes yet, and I think I need to see what ideas target has first.

I can’t wait to go crawl into my brand new, freshly made bed!


Happiness! šŸ™‚

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