Happy Monday, everyone!

After a fun-filled weekend, today was very boring. I read at Starbucks, ran some errands, and did some final painting before the carpet is installed tomorrow.

This morning my sister sent me a Lowe’s gift card, since we didn’t have time to go pick up the adirondack chair that I wanted.

Picture 1

The fact that I was stoked to receive a Lowe’s gift card make me laugh, because the me-of-a-year-ago would have scoffed at the me-of-today. It’s so funny how people can grow and their interests can change so quickly.

I went to the post office to pick up this form. Hopefully I won’t receive any more mail that doesn’t belong to me.


I also scheduled my U-Box to be delivered on Wednesday morning. I had the option of picking it up on Tuesday, but that would have required me (or my dad) to drive a U-Haul truck and a trailer, so I voted no. I’ll gladly let U-Haul deliver the box to my door for $55, thank you very much.


It appears that everyone has voted and the majority rules. The door is a no-go. I’m a little sad, I liked the splash of color, but today I repainted it back to plain white.



I touched up a couple of other areas that needed more white paint, then moved onto the pantry doors.

It’ll need a few coats, but look at the difference the white paint made!



I’m going to bed early tonight.

In theory, I’m going to go for a run tomorrow morning, then I’ll clean up the house so the carpeted areas are clear, and by the afternoon I’ll have new, clean carpet!

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