My weekend starts today. Sort of. I’ve been working like a mad woman for the past couple weeks and will continue working seven days a week, for the next several weeks. It’s a good thing though, mostly.

I’m still working at the bank part-time. I generally work mornings and have my afternoons off. Although, big news! I finally submitted my notice that I was quitting. I turned in a three-weeks notice. Don’t laugh! I did it so that my manager has a bit of forewarning, but also so that upper management would realize that I’ve mentally checked-out of the job. I don’t want any new assignments, sales goals, whatever. I’m so ready to wash my hands of banking! I’ll be the happiest person alive if I never see the inside of a bank again.

My internship/job at the theatre helped me realize how much I miss working in the theatre, how happy it makes me to be there and while I’m not always super excited to go to work, I don’t mind my theatre work. Although, knowing that I’m meant to be in the theatre and counting down the days till I leave for Washington, has only increased my hatred for the bank. I’m suffering through these last days, counting the days, hours, minutes, until I’m a free woman. I would have quit earlier, except I desperately need the money for my move/start-up expenses.

Starting a couple weeks ago, my evenings became filled up with Doubt. I’m currently on crew (and doing laundry) for the production at AS. It’s a great job. Like I said, I love being there, I like the people and I’m even afforded the opportunity to catch up on reading. I’ve been using the time to read my grad studies book, as well as read and reread plays to prepare for school. It’s awesome. The only draw back is the awkward hours and my lack of a true weekend. Ugh. Fridays and Saturdays are super long days. Fridays I work a full day at the bank, leaving the house at 8am, go straight to the theatre for the show. I don’t get home till 11pm.

What’s the point of all of this? I don’t know. I’ve just been working a lot, therefore nothing exciting has really been happening in my life. I need to go to sleep, like an hour ago, because I’m trying to create a regular schedule for myself. I’m aiming to be in bed by like 10pm or 11pm, and up at 6am or 7am. I’m trying to do productive things like exercising or reading before work. And with that said, I’m concluding this pointless blog post.

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