Bright and early Wednesday morning U-Haul arrived to deliver my box ‘o stuff.


It was a bit nerve-wracking watching the woman maneuver the box off the truck and position it in my parking space. I kept imagining the box falling off the forklift and all my worldly belongings being scattered over the parking lot.


Regardless, I was just happy that it was someone else dealing with moving the box and not me.


Unloading the box was much easier than loading it up back in Washington. With both my parents there to help and the fact that we didn’t have to strategically place things into the box, it took about an hour to take everything from the box and dump it into my house.

[Please excuse my grody appearance.]


Dumping ground.



All gone!


My parents helped me assemble my Ikea furniture, start the un-packing process, and take care of a few other odds and ends, then they hit the road. It was sad to see them go.

Yesterday I also received an e-mail from my new advisor with summer reading assignments.

– Cut to today –

So this morning I started the day by enjoying my new deck chairs, a present from my sister, with homemade (!) iced coffee and some light reading on the theories of Foucault and Derrida


As I was doing my reading, U-Haul came and picked the box up.

Buh-bye U-Box! You were a great help, but I’m happy to see you go!


The rest of the day was spent slowly unpacking. I was just going to wait and post pictures after the whole unpacking progress is finished, but what the heck, I’ve decided to share a glimpse into my current state of chaos.



I probably need to lower my curtain rods, but I think the curtains themselves work out well in my new room.


I think one of the reasons I’m moving so slowly with the unpacking is because I’m trying to organize as I unpack, instead of just throwing everything into the general place it should belong… if that makes sense.


I promise better pictures soon!



After dinner I went back outside to do more reading, which sounded more much fun to unpacking… but man, I need to invest in a citronella candle ASAP.


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