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Guess what?! It’s finally time for the before and after pictures of the downstairs! Keep reading to see ‘em.

* * *

I can’t believe Borders is going out of business! I wish it was Barnes and Noble instead. I have so many high school and college memories connected to Borders. It’s sad. I went there this morning hoping to find plays for dirt cheap, but they were only 10% off, which is not much of a bargain at all.


One of the other errands that I ran was a trip to Target to pick up more curtains. The front windows needed another panel or two to look right and my dad suggested that I swap the sliding glass door curtains with the front ones. The reason for the switcharoo is that the front curtains were about four years ago, but I just bought the sliding glass door ones. By switching them, I could buy more panels for the front window which needed them.

Then I tackled the stitch witchery project.


I’m not a fan of ironing. I find it frustrating and never quite get all the wrinkles out, or even better, sometimes I make new wrinkles when I iron. Rawr.

Somehow I’ve managed to avoid using an iron for the past two years, but today has unfortunately made up for that.


I spent about four hours ironing the curtains, followed by ironing the ribbon on to my curtains with the no-sew adhesive.


The project wasn’t hard, just tedious. I realized about half way through that I should have picked up some starch spray to make the ironing go a bit easier. You know what would have also made the project easier? An ironing board. C’est la vie.


When the curtains were done, I started cleaning up all the odds and ends that were living on the counters downstairs and breaking down boxes.

This is the drawer that I painted yesterday. It looks so much better painted and now all my pots and pans can hang out under the oven.


Then I moved the outdoor table back to the deck, so now I have a nice, colorful deck set up!


With all the furniture put into its new home and the stuff put away, I made a run to the trash with my Dexter-like construction trash bag.

Ready for the big reveal?

First, let’s flash back to the awful before pictures:
[edited to add pictures from the real estate website when the place oozed man-cave and hunting]



Try to ignore me being ridiculous, if you can, and note the carpet, windows, wood work, and door.



The back half of the house and kitchen.



Entry way.


Drum roll please!

The after —

The new entry way.


The front half of the house with the stitch witched curtains.



The back half of the house…


The “dining room” table needs to be upgraded to something a bit bigger and rectangular someplace down the line. The current table fix perfectly in the “kitchen nook” I had in Washington, but it’s too small here. I really want something that can double as a work space or game table. I tend to rotate my work station every couple of months, so I want to be able to spread out and work downstairs if needed. Also, the kitchen itself is still a work in progress, but it’s looking good!

Projects I still to do include:

  • Decorate! Obviously, I have nothing on the walls yet and that needs to change.
  • Hang curtains in the office
  • Gardening
  • Paint the woodwork, cabinets, and doors in the three bathrooms.
  • Finish the flooring in the kitchen
  • Start/finish flooring in the bathrooms

Even though I have a few more things to do before everything is [mostly] finished, I can barely remember what house looked like when it was a man-cave.

Now it’s all ME. 🙂

2 Comments on Feels Like Home

  1. So you painted the inside of the drawer?? what did it look like before?

    that stitch witchery stuff. Easy to do? The curtains look great. It looked pretty simple as long as the iron cooperates.

    You do need a bigger table. Maybe a magic one from Ikea like what Dan had. It wasn’t that expensive from what I remember.

    The living room looks super comfy!

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