“You sure came a long way for a cookset.”

Went to target this morning and purchased a tv (a super sexy one that we got on clearance and marked down, yay!), throws to add color to the couch and office chair and some other essentials for the apartment. As we were checking out, I gave the cashier a rain check for a pots and pans set from florida and he said the quote above. It was definitely a funny moment.

I discovered that Yakima is your typical city and thankfully target is right off the highway, therefore easy to access. I don’t know how often I’ll need to make trips to Yakima, but it’s good to know that they have all the major chains from home, in case I need whatever.

After our errands, we returned to the apartment to continue setting things up, cleaning and organizing.

You know you’re an adult when you’re excited about owning your own vacuum cleaner. Who knows, maybe I’ll take up gardening next!

I’m really starting to feel like this apartment is mine and it feels like home. I’m excited to live here. Hopefully the ample space will help me keep things clean and more importantly organized!

Also, I’m really happy that Charlie is here with me. I think him being here will help keep my company and he’s got such a personality, that it’s fun to play with him!

On the agenda for tomorrow: I need to continue my current sleep schedule of being in bed by 11ish and waking up around 7ish. It’s awesome for my productivity. I’m going to show dad the CWU campus and make a pitstop to purchase my books. I plan on reading (or more accurately, skimming) them before classes start, maybe get ahead of things. Then Charter is coming to set up cable and internet, hooray! The rest of the day will probably consist of more organizing and decorating and hopefully some reading. Oh, and I’ll be making my first foray into the world of laundry mats. Perhaps I’ll even go for a run as my clothes wash and dry themselves. 🙂

For mom: Charlie’s not brain damaged, I promise.


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  1. Charlie does look comfortable and content! I’m glad you have Charlie too. BTW, you could grow your own vegetables in an Earth Box on your patio (in the summer). Maybe I’ll get you one for Christmas!

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