Watch out — it’s four days into August and I haven’t given up on my August Practicing Habits Daily. Woo!

Flossed my teeth daily, check. Read for school and pleasure, check. Started planning out my upcoming race calendar, check. Ran two miles tonight, check.

Speaking of running, did you see Hilary’s post about setting a race calendar? She basically took the words out of my mouth, so I won’t repeat what she wrote except to say that I think we narrowed things down to wanting to do two half marathons and the 26.2 with Donna Marathon. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday I’ll have a post about my plan of attack for training for a marathon and keeping up my fitness while dealing with my first semester as a PhD student.

Today, though, was a day for reading. The morning started with a trip to the beach to tackle some literary theory.


“I’m sorry sir, but Dostoyevsky is not considered summer reading.”

That pretty much sums things up. I’m reading introductions to literary theory and essays on literary theory as I soak up the sun at the beach. When I say soak up the sun, I really mean, I go to the beach between 9am-11am, I sport a big floppy hat and large sunglasses, and I put on my cover up after a bit to prevent burning, in addition to wearing sunscreen. Clearly I’ve become an adult.

I did put down the theory for a bit to enjoy some Harry Potter. It’s taking me forever to get through the Goblet of Fire because a) it’s crazy long b) it’s my least favorite HP book c) I wish JKR wouldn’t make Hermione so annoying about SPEW.


After the beach got unbearably hot I came home for some lunch, computer time, a bit of napping, and I don’t know what else.

Then, because I can’t seem to read indoors, I went back out to Starbucks to continue reading my school books for another hour or so. Take that, August goals!


When I got home Hilary convinced my to go for a run, because the sun was setting and according to her, the weather was nicer than it’s been for the past two days.

She lied. It was still crazy humid. I felt like I was swimming during our run.


But I’m glad I went because I think I’ve run all of twice this summer and obviously that needs to change if I’m going to start training for a marathon.

Fact: The newscaster last night informed me that the only other place in the world with humidity like Florida’s is Southeast Asia. I’m not sure that is actually true, but it feels rather hardcore to say that.

That’s all I got for tonight.

If you’re looking to be entertained, you should read Hilary’s post about her relationship troubles with running. They’re going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment.

2 Comments on R&R Day – Reading & Running.

  1. UGH I can’t believe you ran in the evening! It was so miserable yesterday! I find that the best time to run around here is at 6am.

    I checked out Hilary’s post about races. We have a lot of the same races on our schedule!!! I’m doing: Women’s 1/2 in St. Pete, St. Pete Times Turkey Trot, Dopey/Goofy Challenge at Disney (5k fri, 1/2 sat, full sunday, drink around the world @ EPCOT monday). Then the FL trifecta: Gasparilla, Rock n Roll St. Pete, and Disney Princess.

  2. I know running in the morning is always a better option. I’ve planned to wake up and run a few days this week and it falls through each time. 🙁 I just have a really hard time going through with my morning exercise plans.

    I totally forgot about the Turkey Trot! I’ll add that to our plans. I think Hilary is definitely going to do the Women’s Half, but I’m not sure yet, since I don’t know my class/teaching schedule. The Disney races are so expensive! I want to do the full marathon, but I think it’s going to have to wait until I can register way in advance when it’s cheaper. Same goes for the Rock n Roll. :-/ But Gasparilla is a definite! You should check out the St. Pete Beach Classic. It’s one of my favorite races and they just added the half this year.

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