Oh my goodness. Starting last night and all of today the wind in Ellensburg has been insane. It’s gusting and howling, apparently to speeds of 45 mph. Since the temperatures are in the high 70s/80s, the winds not so bad. Although as dad and I walked back from campus, I had this horrible mental image: me, walking home in the dead of winter, the winds howling, my eyes watering and the tears freezing to my face as I walk. It’s all part of the adventure, right? Oh hey, I bought an ice scraper today from the thrift shop. Now I just need to get some cat liter, blanket, and emergency food and I’m all set!

Speaking of weather, Washington weather does strange things to my skin and hair. It’s so weird being in an environment lacking humidity… my hair isn’t frizzy and my face isn’t nearly as oily. It’s a definite plus!

I showed dad Central Washington’s campus today. I think he was impressed and he said he was very happy for me and all the opportunities that lay ahead. šŸ™‚ We went to the campus bookstore to buy books, but they only had a couple. We ended up checking the off campus bookstore (which I didn’t know existed!) and found a few others, and I order the rest online. The big thing I’ve learned about Ellensburg is that looks can be deceiving. Most of these neat stores and restaurants appear dead or empty from the outside, but turn out to have people inside or are a great find!

The cable guy came out this afternoon and hooked up cable and internet. I’m very happy to have functioning internet again. Although, I’m a little frustrated that I only get around 10 cable channels, but I guess that’s what basic cable means. I can’t afford nor will I have time to watch more stations than that anyway. It was kinda funny, the cable guy freaked out about my mac computer and nearly ran out of the apartment when he couldn’t figure out why the internet wasn’t working and it looked like we could fix the problem ourselves.

My apartment is ALMOST complete. I started putting decorations on my walls today, everything has been moved into place and only two boxes need to be unpacked. Tomorrow dad and I are going to Seattle to explore and we’ll be making one more trip to Ikea. Hopefully I’ll find (and hang) curtains, mirrors and other odds and ends. I’ll post another round of pictures once it’s finished!

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  1. WOOOOOO Scott told me it was gonna be windy. But glad to know your hair and skin are fairing well up there. That was something I love about Whistler – my hair always looked fantastic on that side of the world. šŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to see pix of your apartment when its all done up and perfect. I’m so excited for you too!

    And who needs cable anymore when you gots the interwebs. Hulu, Joost, netflix.com and all the network stations have just about every show you could ever want to watch for free and at the click of your mouse.

    ALSO Please post more pix of the CWU campus as you have time. I love living vicariously through my friends. šŸ˜€

  2. ‘basic’ cable just means the channels people used to be able to get with the bunny ears.

    Great bonus w/ the skin and hair.

    Excited to see your fancified apt! If IKEA has fabric you like I will totally pick some up and sew you curtains/pillows if you want. Provided you don’t mind waiting. šŸ™‚

  3. Mom – The cable guy clearly wasn’t very computer savvy. He had no idea how to fix the issue and ran away when it looked like we might know how to fix it ourselves. He was more of a PC person, than a mac guy.

    Ashley – I have a pretty awesome setup with my computer streaming to the tv, so I’m not too devastated about the cable sitch. My only frustration lies with not having any stations that I can put on in the background, like usa, tnt, tlc, mtv, etc.

    I’ll post more pictures as I can. šŸ™‚

    Cari – Thanks for the curtain offer! I might have my dad check around St. Pete first… I’m looking for some plain teal curtains and haven’t found the right color. You have lots on your plate and don’t want to burden you (just yet :))!

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