“All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me.” – Destiny’s Child.

I’m all on my own now. This morning (at 5am!) I drove dad to SeaTac airport, braved rush hour traffic getting there and coming home and now I’m all by myself. I feel like I earned some sort of merit badge for surviving Seattle rush hour traffic just two weeks after moving here. The driving on I-90 requires much more participation than say driving on I-10. You must pay attention at all times because of the curves of the road, hills, and in Seattle the traffic. I’m so tired of driving in cars and riding in them. Six days of traveling across the country, three round trips to Seattle and a trip to Yakima, I’ve filled my road trip quota for a while. I’m quite thankful Ellensburg is so small that everything is 5 minutes away and I’ll be doing lots of walking come school starting.

Up until today, this whole trip and time out here with dad, in Washington, felt like a vacation. Today the reality of my move really hit me. I’m a little more nervous and a touch homesick, which I think has a lot to do with my lack of things to do for the next couple days. I have a couple things planned (lunch on Sunday, BBQ Sunday night and Taste the Burg on Tuesday), but in general my schedule is wide open. I know I should embrace the time to relax, do whatever I want, because once school starts, life will be hectic. Even so, so much free time and the lack of social circle here reminds me that I’m all alone in Washington. Actually, the distance isn’t so scary, but I’ve never lived alone and I’ve been with my family for the past two years… it’s a strange (hard?) readjustment to back being an independent adult. BUT it’s what I want and I know I’ll be perfectly happy, so bring on my independent adventurous self!

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