Look at the sight that I woke up to:


Charlie has been strangely mellow since arriving in Tallahassee and even slept during the night on the bookcase next to my bed.

I started my day by checking off some of my August daily goals. Took my morning herbs. Took my vitamins. Started my 30 Day Challenge.


Today’s Task:


I thought that today’s task would be a great reason to go check out the local running store — Capital City Runners.


I’m not in the market for new shoes at the moment and when I do need shoes, I’ll probably go to Feet First in St. Pete, since I have a Groupon to use there. Anyway, the store is small, but it has a nice selection of clothes, shoes, and on-the-go nutrition. It definitely beats the running store options that I had in Ellensburg, which was nonexistent.

I did ask the employee if she could recommend some long run routes and she drew this detailed map that told me where to run in Tom Brown park. I’ve never actually been to Tom Brown park, so that will be another adventure for another day.


Other than visiting Capital City Runners, I spent most of the day reading and talking to my mom and dad about some possible upcoming living arrangement changes. More details to come, if anything happens.

As I’ve been writing this post, I’m watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I had added it to my Netflix Instant queue a while back, but after reading Katy Widrick’s post about it this morning, I decided to bump it to the top spot and watch it tonight.

Picture 4

I second Katy’s comment that you should “watch it now.” It’s a great reminder about how the food that you eat directly impacts your body, health, and life. I will be starting tomorrow with a green smoothie for sure. I sort of want to go do a 10 day juice cleanse, but I want to do a bit more research before I dive into that idea.

Now it’s past my bedtime! I need my beauty sleep so that I can get up and do that run tomorrow morning — for reals this time!


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