As I was sitting down to blog on Friday night I received a phone call that derailed my blogging plans.

If you remember, I spent last Saturday at the vet with Hilary’s cat, Pixy. After my long run + yoga session in the morning, I ended up with a wicked headache. I set out some ibuprofen to take when the FedEx man came to the door. I locked the cats on the other side of the house and took care of the door. When I came back into the kitchen, I noticed Pixy was licking one of the pills I had set out and another pill was missing. I immediately went into panic-mode. I googled cats eating ibuprofen, I called my parents, called the vet, called poison control, and after some tears, took Pixy into the vet.


They gave her charcoal to soak up the medicine, flushed her system with fluids, and sent me home with cat pepto-bismal. During the course of all this, Pixy was acting completely normal. She was eating, drinking, looked fine. Everyone thought I was overreacting. The vet had never heard of anything as crazy as a cat eating headache medicine. I hoped that I was overreacting and maybe she hadn’t actually eaten the other pill.


Well, on Thursday night, my mom noticed that Pixy wasn’t looking quite right. Her fur was matted, she wasn’t eating, and she was more lethargic than her usual lazy self.

Then on Friday my mom took her to the vet. After spending the whole day at the vet and then moving to the emergency vet, it was determined that the pill had caused her liver to shut down. The vet might have been able to stabilize her for the time being, but because her age and small size, the damage had already been done. It was also possible that she had already been in some sort of renal failure, due to her recent weight loss. Either way, her life was drastically shortened and she’d be in pain for the remainder of her life.

My parents and Hilary made the incredibly difficult decision to put her to sleep. They wanted to prevent her from the pain and suffering she would have endured otherwise.


Pixy was Hilary’s childhood cat and she wrote a loving tribute to Pixy on her own blog — Ode to Pixy.

So that is why I haven’t blogged in the past few days. I haven’t really known what to say exactly and I’m trying not to blame myself or think the other negative thoughts circulating around my head.

Which makes yesterday’s Jar of Joy slip especially relevant.


I’m trying to focus on the positive. At least Pixy won’t be in pain and Hilary was able to say her goodbyes. The vet is also giving Hilary and kitty urn with her ashes and a tile with Pixy’s paw print.

Backing up to Friday, what I was going to post about seems unimportant in comparison.

This was Friday’s slip.


I think I’ll have to hold on to it for another day, but I did meet someone new and took a chance on an opportunity.

An acquaintance is looking for a place to live and wanted to know if I was interested in a roommate. I had her over on Friday to show her the place. I think she liked the house, but I’m not sure what the outcome will be. I wasn’t planning on having a roommate just yet, but if it does work out, it would put me in a desirable financial situation. So I’m glad I took the chance, now I can’t say I didn’t try!

On Friday I also made a trip to Goodwill to drop off some old clothes and see if there were any hidden treasures.


I mean, who doesn’t want a whale chair for their house? It was tough, but I decided to pass on it… for now. 😉


They did have this nice couch. I’ve been scoping out Craigslist for couches and nothing just right has popped up yet. I also don’t have a truck to move the couch. Does anyone want to volunteer to help me pick up and move a hypothetical couch anytime soon?


Then I found this cheese grater, which made me think of that Pinterest project. I nearly bought it, but for Goodwill I thought the price wasn’t right. Maybe I’ll go back and get it after sleeping on it for a few days.


I did discover that clothes are 50% off on Mondays and they had some surprisingly decent clothes. Monday might involve another field trip to Goodwill for some clothes thrifting.

Other than that, I’ve been reading, reading, and reading.



I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday-Funday. I’m still trying to focus on the positive and enjoy the little things in life.

Question: What is your best Goodwill find? Or is Goodwill always a bust for you?

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