I’m alive, awake, alert and ready!

I actually woke up and got out of bed by 7:30am, yay me! If I can keep this schedule up, I should be in good shape. I just need to add exercise to the mix. Today I want to either go for a run on campus to explore the buildings where my classes are, or work out as I do laundry. Ugh. I still haven’t done laundry, I keep putting it off. I just need to suck it up and go over there and do it. I’ll bring my books, bring my workout clothes and be super productive.

Little things keep happening to me here that really make me think that this move is exactly what I needed for my life and that the gods above agree. For instance, I’ve been fretting about money and I’ve caught a few breaks here and there. Also, Dad and I made the trip out here with no issues, got everything done that we needed to accomplish, even had a little time to relax and now dad’s home safe and sound and I’m safely here. I just want classes to start! It’s the only unknown left and I’m dying to see what they will be like.

Charlie was definitely a demon child last night. He played all through the night and of course I kept waking up hearing sounds and freaking out, only to discover it was Charlie being a brat. At one point I hear this buzzing-vibrating sound, in my sleepy haze I though either someone was drilling into my wall or breaking in… until I finally figured out that Charlie had a hair tie around the door stopper (those spring kinds that keep you from hitting doors against the walls). It made an atrocious sound to be woken up to from the dead of sleep. I hope Charlie settles down eventually.

I still need to write about Seattle trip #2. Next time. 🙂 Happy Friday everyone!

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