Did you miss Wednesday’s super quick trip to Gainesville? Hilary and my parents drove up from home and I came from Tallahassee and we all moved Hilary into her new apartment. Even though the trip was brief and I wasn’t exactly a necessary addition to the moving process, it was great to see my parents and Hilary one last time before classes begin.

Speaking of classes, any advice for surviving and balancing grad school and a life? As part of my 30 Days Challenge, I wrote a pep-talk to myself, which I’ll hopefully come back to when I’m feeling stressed. I’d welcome any helpful suggestions!

Anyway, this is my last free weekend. Orientation begins on Monday and since I’ll be busy basically 8am-5pm all next week, I’m considering it the start of the program despite classes not starting till the 29th.

Yesterday I took care of the last major requirements for my residency with the school. (I still need to take care of my car registration, but that’ll happen in September.) I filed my Declaration of Domicile, which is just a fancy way of saying that I’m claiming myself as a Florida resident. Honestly, it’s a bit ridiculous because I had to pay $15 to file this paper. Whatevs. It’s done and next year I won’t have to pay out-of-state tuition and that’s all that matters.


When I came home, the postman delivered a package! Wee! I love mail.


Cari had sent me a belated birthday/house-warming/hooray PhD land present. I actually really love that my friends and I can never seem to send out birthday presents on time. It’s so much fun to get a present a month late! So Cari and Ashley, from now on, please don’t give me my birthday present on time, if it can be avoided. šŸ™‚

I decided to wait a bit to open the present. I wanted to let the excitement build just a little bit longer, so I tended to my newest plant children.

During my super-quick Gainesville trip, my mom gave me some flowers for my house. She gave me two pots of impatiens and some african irises.

I put one pot of impatiens on my front porch! It instantly added some color and character to my front steps.


I still need to plant the african irises, so for now, they’re chilling in a bag on my porch. This is a project for tomorrow or Sunday.


The other pot of impatiens was put on the corner of my deck.



Then, I finally opened my presents. Cari even sent a present for Charlie. A new cat wand!



Obviously, he loved it! Thanks Cari!


He was also interested in what I got.

For my birthday:

Dinosaur cake trays! Must bake something to put these to use ASAP!


The Keep Calm sign was for my academic journey and the pink flamingos are for the house! I love ’em.


Last night, I also finished unpacking the boxes in my office. The potential roommate fell through and I had paused my unpacking until I knew what the verdict was going to be. The whole process made me realize that I really do want to find a roommate for next year. Right now my office looks pretty bare. I need some seating in there and still want to move my futon upstairs, once I acquire a couch. Then for next year, I’ll probably be able to move my desk into my bedroom and my books downstairs and still not feel too cramped.


Coming soon – A Jar of Joy post: Trying To Be Someone That I’m Not

Question: What’s the best present you ever received?

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  1. Late birthday presents? Easy peasy. That takes the pressure off šŸ™‚ lol Cari is probably not going to get hers until the wedding in October …… lol

    LOVE the sign and the flamingos! Awesome.

    And the fossil baking trays?! HILARIOUS. Where do people find these things?

    Charlie looks happy šŸ™‚ I can’t wait for him and Cosmo to meet and hang out!

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