Generally I would say that trying to be someone that you are not is a bad thing. Embrace the person that you are, be all that you can be, yada, yada, yada. Well, sometimes pretending or aiming to be someone that you’re not can be a good thing. Push yourself to try new activities and fake it till you make it.

My goal this [school] year is to try and be something that I am definitely not — a morning exerciser!


I’m all about “faking it till you make it,” but try as I might, I can’t seem to will myself into getting up in the mornings to run. Note, by mornings, I mean beating the Sun out of bed and getting my sweat on before 8am.

Well, I’m renewing my commitment to trying to become a morning exerciser because of three main factors:

  • I know that if I wait till the evenings, I may or may not actually follow through with my work out plans. Getting my workout done in the morning will mean that I can relax when I come home from school in the evenings.
  • Parking is a pain-in-the-ass here at school. If I want to get a spot, then I’ll have to head to campus early in the mornings. I figure that if I go to the gym early, shower at the gym, then head to the theatre, I can start working before my classes.
  • The gym is almost always crazy-busy. It’s also full of frat boys lifting their weights and sorority girls showing off their bodies during normal daytime hours. This will be add to my incentive to go in the early mornings, when the people actually interested in fitness are at the gym.

So one of my Jar of Joy tasks fits in well with both my August fitness goals and this new morning-exerciser goal.


Task: Write down – in a prominent place – ONE goal for the next seven days.

So I wrote down my goal and placed the note on my fridge. My goal is to run (or workout) at least four times! In all honesty, I probably should have set the bar a little higher, but I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. My seven days started on Friday and I ran yesterday morning and this morning, so I’m already on my way to succeeding.


Sunday I’m supposed going to do my 7 miler long run. Then, orientation starts on Monday and we begin at 8am most days, so I’m going to have to either commit to waking up early or work out afterwards, but I will workout.

Starting on the 24th I have access to the gym, which will mean the chance to exercise in a safe, lit, and not humid environment, so no excuses after that. Plus, I have to make use of those weights!


Anyway, by the end of the year, I WILL be a morning exerciser.

Question – Do you exercise in the morning, evening, or whenever? If you exercise in the morning, what do you do to prevent yourself from just sleeping through your workout window?

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