I’ve officially been welcomed back to grad school life!

I knew this past week was going to be busy, but I had no idea how busy. I was in various meetings, orientations, conferences, lectures, etc. from 8ish-6ish everyday, and a few of the evenings the grad students hung out after our scheduled events. To make up for all my missed sleep this week


, last night I slept from 9:30pm-9am!

Overall impressions:

I am very happy! After I made my decision this past April, I had a few moments of doubt and uncertainty. Was I settling? Would I hate Tallahassee again? This decision feels too easy. Etc. Well, I know now that this was the right decision. I’m sure things won’t be perfect all the time, but I am happy to be back in Tallahassee. I am happy with my cohort and all the other grad students in the department. I am happy with my classes. I’m happy with the opportunities in my future.

I’m also pretty sure that I’m going to have very little free time. I already have 80 pages of reading to do for Monday. I think I’m going to have to embrace the “work hard, play hard” motto.

So, backing up, this is what my week looked like…


Sunday was the calm before the storm. I decided to plant my bag of African Irises that my mom gave me, before I ran out of free time.


Digging a trench for them in front of the house.


Adding potting soil to the sand/dirt.


Cover the plants with the surrounding dirt and water.

The plants look good under the window, but I’m afraid they’re not going to survive. They were out of the ground for about a month and the dirt is really dry in that spot. I’ve been watering them all week, but they seem to be looking worse and worse each day. I’m not sure when I’ll know if they’re going to make it or not.


That evening I finally got to meet all the incoming grad students from all the different departments. The faculty, some returning grad students, and the new ones, all gathered together for a BBQ at one of the theatre spaces.

After the official gathering, the MA/PhD kids and the directing kids went to a local pub/lounge to continue hanging out. Such good times. It seems like a supportive, intelligent, and caring group. Color me excited.


Monday morning started bright and early with a green monster!


We took care of paperwork, toured the department, got keys, set up our ID cards, and other logistical stuff.

I saw the Marching Chiefs drum line practicing, which made me very excited for football season to get here!



It was also sorority rush week. I was less thrilled about seeing clumps of identical looking girls wandering around campus.


After our evening session of How to Survive Grad School, several of us walked to the sports bar next door to play trivia. Our team, Walter’s Chronkite, won the first round and the whole night. Score!


Tuesday we got a lecture on how to dispose of hazardous waste and how to lift properly. Then we headed to the school-wide graduate school orientation.


I also bought my books for class. Those cost a small fortune. I guess I should chalk it up to building my library.



Wednesday and Thursday:

Wednesday was also the move-in day for freshman. The campus was suddenly crawling with freshmen and their parents. See that line of people that nearly reaches the street? That was for the ID place. It took me 5 minutes to get my ID on Monday, but it would have taken me all morning on Wednesday.



The main event for Wednesday and Thursday was a university-wide teaching conference. The days were long and full of rules and regulations.


The highlight was the sexual harassment lecture, where we learned that you may appreciate a co-worker or students body, but you may not leer. Seriously.


Other good news? The library has been renovated and is super fancy-pants. There’s also a full-service Starbucks inside the library. I foresee myself spending a lot of time in the library.


Wednesday night we had another gathering that included theoretical discussions, movie analysis, in-yer-face debates, and other random topics of discussion.


Then on Friday, I spent the whole day in TA training. Then I came home, ate dinner, and went to bed early. I was soo tired!

This weekend!

I already have 80 pages of reading to do. I need to clean my house. I need to organize my office with all my books for this school year. And most importantly, I need to exercise like whoa!

For the future, I think I’m going to create a posting schedule. I don’t think I’ll have enough to say or time to post daily, so maybe if I designate certain days to post, it’ll take the stress off me and I’ll be able to keep up with it.

Question: What does everyone else have to accomplish this weekend?

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