Whew! I survived my first week of classes and teaching, and now college football is back in action!


I feel like I’ve been living in a time warp. Being back in T-town was already a stroll down memory lane, but now that I’m spending so much time on campus and in the FAB, it’s a constant flashback to my undergrad days and then trying not to get lost in nostalgia so I can make new memories. The start of the football season was also a time warp, in and of itself, but more on that later.

School-wise my first week was fairly calm. It was syllabus day in the classes that I teach and syllabus day in my own classes.

Another factor contributing to the calmness is that the department is currently hosting an international experimental theatre group. All of my profs have gone easy on our reading and assignments for the first couple weeks to allow us the chance to participate in as many of the workshops and lectures as possible.


Fun Fact: It’s a bit strange to think of holding office hours in the grad office because I used to attend office hours of my mentor freshman year in this very same office. Not only that, but she and I are technically colleagues now.

I also might turn into a green monster or iced coffee. Every morning has consisted of a green monster smoothie for breakfast and a cup of iced coffee for the road.


On Friday

Koupit Clomid

, the T-Studs celebrated surviving our first week of classes by having a picnic at the Rez. It’s a university-operated waterfront lake area with picnic shelters, kayaks and canoes, a rock-wall, volleyball courts, and more. It was a fun afternoon and I can’t believe I’ve never been there before! It’s so pretty and relaxing. The second-years like studying there and I can see why.


But do you know what is better than a picnic at the Rez or the start of classes? College football is back!


I actually [helped] organize a football group for my fellow grad students, but due to ticket issues, workshops on game day, and a lack of cell phone reception, I didn’t get to see any of them during the game. Some of my old friends were coming to town for the game, so I planned on tailgating with them until the theatre folk made their way down to the stadium. Unfortunately, I totally did not take into account that cell phones might not work properly with so many people clumped in one place, and I wasn’t able to get in touch with any of the grad students after the game started.

I feel a bit guilty about it and it would have been a major bummer, but I was able to sit and spend time with these crazy-faces during the game — Brett, Matt, and Tommy!


Talk about a time warp. We all might be four years out of undergrad, we all might have real-people jobs, and two of us own our own homes, but man, some things never change. The topics of conversation and the group dynamics were exactly the same. It’s like no time had passed.

Flashback to 2007!


This weekend’s game!


The only thing that would have made it better is if Casey was also at the game! Hopefully sometime this season she’ll come down for a visit and the game.

Oh, and of course, we won! 34-0. I’ll take it!


Sunday was a day for being lazy. Tropical Storm Lee has been in the gulf all weekend and starting Sunday morning, T-town began to feel the effects. We’ve been slammed with non-stop rain + wind. Today the winds are even rivaling the E’burg winds.

Yesterday after my morning workshop and reading, I took a break to hang out with Tommy and Brett who were seeking shelter from being rained out of skate park. They’re the first visitors to my finished-except-for-the-bathrooms house! Bonus, the guys might be able to help me acquire and move a couch into the place!

I’ve totally been slacking on my 30 Days of Joy Challenge, but here’s the slip for today.


My goal for the next 10 days is to finally establish my exercise routine. Hilary asked me this weekend if I had run 8 miles and I definitely had not. Now that I have a bit of an established schedule and I can start settling into a daily routine, I need to add exercise back into my mix. I still want to workout in the mornings, but I think a trip to the gym and to scope out the locker rooms will need to happen first. So that’s my plan for the next 10 days. 🙂

Question: How was everyone else’s Labor day weekend?

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