This post is brought to you by the Honey Badger, which I was introduced to via Caitlin’s blog, Healthy Tipping Point.

My motto this week has been “getting sh*t done,” and that pretty much is the honey badger motto as well.

Anyway, how’s everyone’s Sunday-Funday? Mine consisted of reading, reading, and reading. Are you surprised? I’m not.

After three weeks of classes I’m still trying to find my rhythm, but have decided on one thing — Sunday will be my blogging day. From now on, I’ll be updating the blog every Sunday, unless of course I have time and something absolutely riveting to say during the week. So be sure to check back next Sunday!

This past week started out with me massively scratching my primary pair of glasses. Not cool.


Obviously, a huge scratch on my already scratched up glasses wasn’t going to fly, so I was forced to get new glasses. I don’t them yet, but hopefully by Wednesday I’ll be rockin’ new shades.

Hey there, four-eyes.


I finally ditched my Washington plates! Goodbye to my final piece of WA identification!


I’m back to bragging with the tag! What, what!


The whole DMV process was surprisingly painless. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes. I actually thanked the woman for being so pleasant and making the process easy.

I also chopped off my hair this week. I was long overdue for a bang trim and decided at the last minute to chop it all off.





It’s a little shorter than I meant to go, but overall I like the change. In my opinion, short hair is easier to maintain and given Florida is still so stinkin’ hot, it’s a cooler style. I think once it’s grows out a bit, I’ll really like it.


In other news, this weekend was the big #1 Oklahoma vs #5 FSU matchup.

By Friday night, T-town was already getting ridiculous. ESPN and College Game Day had moved into town in preparation for the game.


For most people, tailgating around the stadium was an all-day affair. Some of my guy friends were out there starting at 7am, but I didn’t make it over to the stadium till 3ish. I had to get my daily reading in, duh.


Lots of cornhole and throwing the football around.



Then, it was finally time to make my way into the stadium. The downside to free general admission student tickets is that seating is first come, first served, so my group went into the stadium about an hour and a half before kickoff to claim our seats.


Almost game time!


And we’re off!


Sadly we didn’t win, but we put up a good fight — 23 to 13, Oklahoma. Going into the game I wouldn’t have put money on us winning, but I obviously hoped that we would win. There was also a moment in the 3rd (4th?) quarter where the game was tied up, but things changed in the 4th quarter. Either way, I’m happy with our team and I think that they will only continue to improve.

Now it’s time to get back to reality.

Although there are no more home games for another month, Hilary is visiting this weekend and I have a wedding to attend in a couple weeks. Never a dull moment!

Question – Any funny youtube videos I should know about that will change my life? Yes, that was a hyperbole.

Fun fact: Did you know that hyperbole first made it’s appearance in the English language in 1529? I’ve taken to exploring words in the OED. Clearly, I’m a nerd. First used in 1951.

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  1. Nice crop action. You know what I’m talking about. 😉

    YOUTUBE VIDEOS yes. Though I don’t know which ones you’ve already seen? So forgive me if you’ve already seen all of these:
    and this music video because I’m sort of obsessed with it:

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