I have a confession to make.


I’m a bad runner — I tend to stop running when I don’t have a race on my calendar and I almost always have a hard time forcing myself out of the house to go running.

Want proof? Remember back in August how Hilary and I picked races for our calendar and decided on a training plan?
Well, two months later, we realized that haven’t really started training, or running on a regular basis. Ugh.

When Hilary was up here a few weeks ago, we talked it over and decided that we still want to do the 26.2 with Donna race.

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I’m actually really excited about this race. Aside from the fact that I want to add another marathon to my list of accomplishments, and I really love the high and sense of pride that comes with running 26.2 miles, I think this race in particular will be awesome.

  • There is lots of course entertainment, so it’ll be like a Rock ‘n’ Roll race, but without the high registration fees.
  • It’s first-timer, walker, and Jeff Galloway friendly, which will be good for slow runners like me.
  • The fact that it’s in Jax Beach, means that it’ll be fairly convenient for both Hilary and I to get there from our schools on a weekend.
  • All the reviews say that it’s a fun, festival marathon. Lots of pink and women.
  • It’ll be a beautiful scenic course and the weather should be a nice change of pace for a Florida runner.

Plus, one of the aspects of running that I really enjoy is running someplace that I usually travel by car and realizing that my body is a strong, powerful vehicle, just like my car. Perhaps that sounds utterly cliche and cheesy, but for instance, when I run from my parents house to Indian Rocks Beach, which is a 30 minute drive, I find it mind boggling and neat. Anyway, my point is, the race course will take us on a running tour of Jacksonville Beach, and I’ve driven there a lot, but never run.

Picture 5

So, we have 18 weeks to train, which is still an acceptable amount of time for marathon training, and since we’re not really going to a time goal, we should be good to go.

Picture 4
Bring it on marathon training!

Training officially begins this week, but Hilary and I ran 4 miles when she was here, then I ran 5 miles last Sunday, and I ran 6 miles today.
Boom! I’m on a roll.

Also, in preparation for training kicking off, I bought myself chocolate goos and a camelbak!

When Hilary and I ran the Seattle race, we found these chocolate goos at the race expo and they turned out to be delicious. If you’ve never had a goo, then you should know that they taste about as delicious as they sound. They even make Hilary throw up. So finding a nutrition supplement that doesn’t taste slimy is quite the accomplishment.


Hilary actually bought them first, but I went ahead and order myself a box.


I kind of want to eat them when I’m not running too, but I’ve told myself they are a reward for running. 😉


Then, on my long run with Hilary, we both got dehydrated, so when we got home I looked into camelbaks. The nice thing about the camelbak is that it has two decently sized storage pockets and holds 50 oz of water. I’ve never been crazy about the idea of a fuel belt and I suck at pacing myself when it comes to hydration, so this is the perfect solution — sip a little water all along the way.


Plus, now that I figured out how to adjust it properly and I barely remember that I’m wearing a backpack as I run. It’s awesome!

There you have it. I’m a bad runner because I need some sort of incentive to actually get myself running. But I am training for this marathon, for realz. It’ll be good and these past few runs have reminded me how running provides me with a much needed mental break when school gets stressful.

So while I haven’t actually registered for the race, I am going to and that will really seal the deal. Then the marathon commitment issues will be in the past.

Question – How do you motivate yourself to run or exercise? Are goals enough to do it or do you need some sort of financial incentive?

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