Oh my. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve blogged and that’s because it has been a rough month!

I could go into details

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, but basically it boiled down to having three major assignments all due within a week and a half AND having to go out of town for a wedding during what should have been the critical work weekend. Lots of stress. Lots of sleepless nights. No time for eating, running, or blogging, but thankfully right now I have a short break before the end-of-semester stress kicks in.

Clearly, I’ve failed at my balancing act. But as I’m learning, grad school is all about embracing the work in progress status.

Moving on.

Aside from stressing over school, here are the few social events from the past month that have been captured on [digital] film.

Kiara’s wedding weekend in Orlando!

This was an excellent excuse to hang out with three of my favorite ladies.


I think this picture captures our personality and friendship beautifully!


Pre-wedding prettiness!

SAM_7274 copy

Post-reception sweatiness! The bridesmaids were responsible for getting people out on the dance floor and boy did we work up a sweat!


Then a couple weekends ago

, amid the work, I managed to mix running with tailgating.


I ran from my house to the stadium, which happens to be about 2.3 miles away, hung out with friends and then ran home. I really enjoyed getting out of the house and running on game day so many people-watching opportunities as I was running.

Then, the next day I met up with Casey and Jason for lunch at Momo’s! Roomies reunited!


It’s sad that she no longer lives in Tallahassee, but I’m just happy that I got a chance to see her during her short weekend visit.

Then it was time for Halloween!

I wasn’t really feeling halloween-y, so I went with the easiest possible costume — static cling. I just pinned socked, mittens, and dryer sheets to my clothes. Voila! All done!




I ended up having a really good time, even if I stayed out too late that night.

And that sums up my school and social life for the past month! I need to write about my marathon issues, but that will have to be a separate post for a different night.

Goodnight folks!

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