I’ve been free from school for the past week and thus far my break has been rather uneventful. I am definitely not complaining. I’ve been super fatigued recently and want to use this break to recoup my energy as much as possible before spring semester begins!

Despite the relaxing nature of break, Hilary and I did take a mini-roadtrip to St. Augustine and Jacksonville Beach to visit friends and see the band Inspection 12 play their yearly holiday show.

The night before our roadtrip, Hilary had a party at our house and one of her friends brought mustaches, which provided much entertainment and picture opportunities.


My mom, Hilary and I have never seen my dad without a mustache, but we thought it’d be funny to join dad in sporting the stash.


A month ago, I asked Hilary to be my adventure-partner for the concert. Since Hilary doesn’t know the band and only sort of knows my friends, she asked if we could stop in St. Augustine first. I’ve never been and she’s only been once, so we spent the afternoon exploring and taking in the history.


We stopped a local and asked for a lunch recommendation. Hilary wanted someplace with seafood and I needed to find a place with vegetarian and gluten-free options. We ended up eating at Casa Maya, a really cute little Mexican restaurant that serves all organic food.



After lunch we continued exploring the sights.





Fun fact: Aviles street is the oldest street in the nation.



Flagler College is beautiful!



Once the sun started to set, we headed up A1A to Jacksonville Beach to meet up with my friends and go to the Inspection 12 concert.



The guys had fun harassing Hilary and giving her a hard time. Clearly, she’s not a bro.


Overall, I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the super-quick trip.

Up Next: My annual road-trip to Nashville in a few days. Cari and I are making our yearly trip to visit Ashley for New Years. It’s our fourth year going up there, which is pretty awesome considering I was in Washington for the past two years and Cari lives in LA now.

What big plans does everyone else have for celebrating the start of 2012?

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