First semester done, five more to go! It’s official, I survived my first semester of PhD Land.

So, what are my general thoughts about life as a PhD student and life in Tallahassee?

  • I am very happy with my decision to attend this program and school. I have absolutely no regrets. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else and feel like I’m part of a supportive, intelligent, and creative community.
  • Grad school is a lot of work, but I think it is possible to balance other activities aside from school. My biggest issue this semester comes down to my health issues

    , which at this point I have no control over. Hopefully I’ll get some relief soon and life will be a teensy bit easier.

  • It’s definitely important to take care of yourself, whether that means eating right, making time for exercise, or getting out the of the house and being social.
  • I actually love Tallahassee this time around. I love how this city is infused with so many happy memories from undergrad and yet I’m constantly making new memories.
  • Gosh, I love football season! Not only do I love FSU football, but it’s awesome how many of my friends come to home games and it’s a great chance to see everybody!
  • I do not miss E’burg one bit. I’ve decided that Tallahassee has just the right amount of seasons for me. It’s gets cold, but not too cold. The leaves change. It rains a lot. It’s just the way I like it.
  • Overall, I’m very very happy.

Since I didn’t get around to blogging much (or at all) after the beginning of November, here is what you missed:

The end of [regular] football season — FSU vs Miami football game.



Classy Safety for Intimate Apparel.

All the grad students used opening night as a chance to dress up in our finest clothes for a night of theatre.


A special and super quick visit from Terri!


Tacky Santa Christmas Party


Christmas Lights at Dorothy B. Oven Park!


I’ve been waiting four years to be back in Tallahassee during the Christmas season, so I could go to see these lights.










A faculty-student Christmas party





That pretty much wraps up all of my various social activities for the month of November and the little bit of December that I was in Tally.

My goals for next semester:

  • Do not get behind in my work — I need to be constantly working ahead

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    , but also realizing when I’ve reached my maximum work capacity for a particular day.

  • Continue trying to build running and strength training into my daily routines.
  • Get my fatigue and sleep issues sorted out!
  • Be more social! Make more friends and try to find some social activities outside of the theatre.
  • Find a roommate!

Most of all, have fun and enjoy life!

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