Only a week in and 2012 has started off on a good, yet very busy note.

  • Last Saturday: I rang in the new year in Nashville with friends.
  • Monday: Cari and I drove back to Tallahassee.
  • Tuesday: I met with the sleep doctor, who was thoroughly unhelpful, but I’ll be doing a sleep study at the end of the month and might get some answers then.
  • Wednesday: Classes started back up. I’m really looking forward to the subjects I’m studying this semester: performance studies, contemporary British theatre, and dramaturgy.
  • Thursday: I resumed teaching and had a lovely first session with my new students. I also attended two of my own classes.

Then immediately after class, I hit the road for Jacksonville. I made the impromptu decision to go for the Toubab Krewe and Galactic concert that was happening that night. I’ve been wanting to see Toubab Krewe in concert since I first heard about them in my world music class senior year and Matt was already planning on going to the concert, so I invited myself along.

Toubab Krewe:





I really enjoyed the concert. The music was good and the people watching was even better. So many weird groups of people meshing together. It was definitely worth the drive over, especially since the semester has barely begun and I don’t know how much more free time I’ll have to do things like that.

I left Jacksonville the next morning in a sea of fog, which ended up following me the entire way to Tallahassee.


“Let us look instead for the aspects of wonder.”


Once home, I accomplished some of my reading for the weekend before heading out to First Friday!


First Friday takes place in the Railroad Square art community. There are a bunch of galleries, shops, and food places. It’s also a glorious place to people watch and take pictures, which is what our grad students did.


Selling other people’s old photos for $2 a piece?


Potential future wedding dress?


Used lingerie?



A pair of lips telephone.



I’m confused by this lamp.




Not safe for work, apparently.


A pirate mannequin.



An art piece composed of face/thumbprint sketches.


A performance artist.


“Viewers are encouraged to take one fingerprint from the pile.”


So we did.


First Friday turned out to be hippy-fest part two, complete with drum circles, dreads, and drunks.


And that concludes my first week of 2012. Today I’ve done absolutely nothing, unless you count updating the blog. I’ve decided that my lack of productivity is a-okay and I will not feel guilty about it. I will resume my regular work schedule tomorrow.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I like being a voyeur in your world. Don’t you wonder who would buy that monkey/bear-like statue? Where could one put something like that? In the living room? I don’t get the thumb-print interactive art thing. Is there more to it than that? ~ M

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