I think Wordless Wednesday accurately sums up my typical Monday-Thursday, or you know, my life as a grad student. So many words, books, and pages!

Anyway, with the MLK holiday today and no Friday classes, I had an extra long weekend. As a reward for all my reading (and because the semester is getting off to a slow start) I decided to be super social all weekend long. Hooray! I have a life outside of my books. 🙂

So what all did I do? Well, I had tea with friends, had a tarot reading (or is it had my tarot cards read?), went to Safety meeting, went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, saw Contagion and promptly wanted to sanitize my life, did my reading with friends at a coffee shop, and then tonight I helped kick butt at trivia!

Rocky Horror was probably the biggest event of the weekend and our group went on Friday the 13th, although I’m not one for superstition and nothing out of the ordinary happened.


A big group of us went to the midnight showing, not really sure what to expect. With the exception of myself and another girl, no one had been to a live showing before, so right when we walked in the door they group marked everyone with V’s for Virgin.


They weren’t sure what to think. The other patrons were also dressed in some very, umm, interesting costumes. For instance, several girls had duct tape on their breasts, but were otherwise topless. Weird.


At this point, we were all still shivering with anti—- say it! — pation!


It turns out, that the hosting group and their MC were very meh. They were very amateur-esque and took weird liberties when it came to the evening and their acting out of the movie.


It also turns out that I am just too old for Rocky Horror. The movie didn’t start till after 1am and by that time I seriously contemplated just walking out. I wanted to go to bed!


All in all, it was an okay evening, but being up so late really screwed up my Saturday. I was ultra lazy all day as a result.

Cut to today:
As an end to my weekend, a group of 11 of us went to the Tomahawk to play trivia. We had done something similar at the beginning of fall semester, but once school really got going, we were unable to go back. So one of the girls twisted our arms and told us we had to come out, since it was our last free Monday night for a while.


I’m so glad I went. It was a lot of fun and we nearly took home the first place overall position again, sadly we missed out by two measly points!


I do think we had a bit of an unfair advantage over the other teams though… Eleven grad students to groups of between two and four is quiet a difference in knowledge pools.


And on that note, I must go to bed. I have another busy, but shortened week ahead of me.

From here on out I think my weekends have been planned out for me with school and work obligations, so hopefully I’ll still find some time to have fun between now and spring break!

Hope everyone has a lovely week!

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