Soccer games, auditions, and studying, oh my!

With school picking up the pace, I’m trying to negotiate how to be social and stay ahead with my work. This weekend was particularly difficult because my assistantship responsibilities spilled over into my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and that cut into my usual work time. I’m pretty sure next weekend I’m going to need to go into hermit mode. I have a few big assignments coming up and I need to work ahead on them.

Anyway, Thursday night started with a trip to the fancy new intramural fields to check on the theatre soccer team! I don’t think I’ll ever play on a group sports team, but I always enjoy being outside and cheering on the team.


A few of the other theatre grad students and I decided to be soccer moms for the team. I brought gatorade and someone else brought orange slices and freeze pops.


Then my Saturday and Sunday mornings were spent assisting with auditions for incoming students.


Campus was DEAD on Sunday morning. It was very eerie.


Watching the audition process was an interesting moment for me. I’ve never once auditioned for any sort of part or performance, so I had no idea what the whole process was really like. IMG_1939

These kids are putting their heart and soul on the line and it’s heartbreaking because there are so many of them and only a few number of open spots. It’s also crazy that I may have witnessed the next Broadway sensation. 😉 Highly unlikely, but possible. In reality, it was more like watching an American Idol audition.

The music building also had some amusing fliers posted that provided entertainment while I milled around the hallways looking for lost parents/students.


The rest of the weekend revolved around reading and library visits.


Oh, and can you tell that I’ve recently discovered Instagram? It rocks!

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